FX's "Rescue Me" JUST AWFUL


This saddens me to no end. Why can’t the mainstream media leave our priests and nuns alone?

I can’t stand this show.

I hate it how blatent anti-catholicism is accepted, but if that same skit was done with another religion(Jew, Muslim, etc), there would be sooo much outcry! I always thought the show looked dumb…never watched it…now I never will! :mad:

I learned never to watch anything with Dennis Leary before this series even started. His anti-Catholicism is venomous.

"Or could it be that they know, deep down in their hearts, that we are the one, true religion? After all, that would account for their dismissive attitude toward all the other competitors.”

I think Mr. Donohue’s statement says it all as to why these “creative” people in Hollywood always attack the Church.

This just illustrates what I’ve always said. If it’s on Fox or FX, it’s going to be weird and controversial. It’s what I call trash TV, and there’s a bunch of it around.

Leary has been spouting anti-Catholic venom for awhile now…I put him in the same category as the offensive comedian Bill Maher. They’re both terribly misguided and in serious need of our prayers. Thank God for guys like Bill Donahue who are not afraid to confront them about their blatent prejudices.

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