G 3-5 and G 3-22 : So satan was only telling the truth?


*G 3-5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

G 3-22 And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest He put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:
So Satan was not lying but only telling the truth ? Is there any convention that Satan will never tell the truth ?


In John 8, Our Lord calls Satan the father of lies. That sounds pretty clear to me.


But here he was lying or not ?


The lie was that the acquisition of the knowledge was desirable. Satan doesn’t tell lies like “if you set your arm on fire, you will become the wisest person in human history.” He tells partial truths, like “if you set your arm on fire, you will shine brighter and glow more splendidly than you can ever imagine.”


He packed his lie (You will not die) in a true sentence, to make the lie (You will not die) believable.


The two posts just above:

I am talking only about what satan told them.That is , you shall be as gods knowing good and evil.This happened to be true as confimed by God.To be fair he did not tell anything about death . Still he was lying and no iota truth in what he said? I am on poor satan’s side in this matter !


But Satan was using the truth in a deceptive manner. For ye shall be as gods sounds pretty deceptive. It was not through eating the fruit that we would become “as gods,” but it should be from the atonement of Christ (which, obviously, God foresaw before time began).

So he was deceptive, even if it could be argued that it wasn’t an outright lie.


A half a truth is much worse than a whole lie as the sparkle of truth adds just enough credibility to the lie to make it seem true and makes it hard to discern

In my experience, it creates a circular argument that cannot be escaped, which in my mind reminds me of a black hole. Every time in my life when I have encountered such an argument the results are always the same and I have learned to avoid it as much as possible. Just don’t let yourself get sucked in lol.


If you read the whole paragraph you get the full context ie: that eating the fruit is good, that is the deception the biggest deception / lie ever (arguably). Surely? Like always we should read in context to ascertain truth not just one verse. biblehub.com/genesis/3-5.htm, and see what the actual fruit are, are they good or bad (as per other posters eg 1neophyt in agreement).


The devil deceives, so as demons and so on. They deceive to escape eternal suffering, but in no way possible other than a life with no life.


As the other posters below have said, he was telling a half-truth. That is the most effective kind of lie.


Half truth means part true other part lie ? What is the lie part ?


There is no lie part in that one sentence, Joseie you are right, but looking beyond being pedantic within a single sentence, the lie is within the full paragraph made up of several sentences that it would be good for them, it was not good for them because they ended up dieing no longer glorious bodies in the garden of eden, which is why we all die, the only remedy is the truth of christ, that if we repent and turn to him we can be saved from the death and have eternal life like the Adam and Eve restored, which was Gods plan all along before the deceit. If he had said you will die and be cast out of this beautiful garden then would they have chosen … the lie is also in what he the serpent, failed to say - the most important aspects such as death. But you are right about the single sentence.

An analogy - A parent says to their five year jump into those rapids on a hot day they will cool you down! it is not good for the child (sorry not good analogy, couldn’t think of one off hand for adult… but hope you get my drift).

Thanks for your opening question, these things make us think a little more sometimes God Bless.


Good luck with that.


Pl.don’t isolate this sentence for comment ! Or is it merely a tit for tat for my alleged isolation of the two verses mentioned in the beginning ?


I’m sorry, what context did I miss that would explain the nuance of why you are on Satan’s side?


Satan told the truth. It is the Jehovah he opposes who lies.


Rather than accept what the church tells you without thinking, maybe you could think outside of that box of dogma and rhetoric you have been living in. Try to have a thought of your own, read the bible and study church history with open eyes and an objective veiw, and you will see the true evil one for what he is: the god of the jews, the church nd the muslims are all one in the same Demiurge who seeks to enslave us




:thumbsup: Well said.

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