G20 security prepared for any threat, at any cost

G20 security prepared for any threat, at any cost

A police officer with a riot helmet on his hip watches as a police motorcyclist drives past in Toronto on Tuesday as final preparations are made to host the G20 summit later this week. CHRIS YOUNG/THE CANADIAN PRESS
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From Wednesday’s Globe and Mail
Published on Wednesday, Jun. 23, 2010 2:52AM EDT

Last updated on Wednesday, Jun. 23, 2010 2:40PM EDT

.The moment Prime Minister Stephen Harper decided Canada would host this week’s G20 meeting, Toronto was fated to become a fortified city.

Police and military leaders decided that Muskoka, host of the G8 summit, could not also accommodate the G20 to follow. So they were forced to accept that dozens of world leaders would be crammed into the densest corners of Canada’s largest city – and that, to protect them, authorities would need to install three-metre-high fences and summon thousands of police, leaving residents bemused and bothered.

This is the new reality of hosting global summits in an urban setting, when the only thing officials agree on is that they can’t spend too much to safeguard against the nightmare of playing host to an international incident.

“It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” said former top Mountie Norman Inkster, arguing today’s realities bear no resemblance to the last time Toronto hosted such a summit – when he was commissioner in 1988. “This is an entirely different scene now.”

The ranks of world leaders and entourages attending such summits are swelling to the point that smaller communities cannot accommodate them. And the decision to host not just the G8 but the G20, with its attendant entourage, is about more than the mere addition of numbers – it’s about adding group of countries with diverse political baggage, which in turn multiplies the flanks authorities have to protect in one of the world’s most multicultural cities

Please pray for the safety of the police and emergency workers,the inocent Canadians that will be hurt in the crossfire and the idiot anarschist lunaticts who instead of working to create a better society and protesting with dignity(they do have some valid points)will mask their faces like cowards throw missiles at police and scream police brutality when the cops hand them their collective head.

Toronto cops,albeit the most polite police officers in the world(they exemplify the word politeness as they mebody that wonderful Canadianism-"a polite society is well,a polite society"and take LAW and ORDER so seriously that those miscreants will rue the day they decided to ACT UP.No kid gloves

.Anerican anarchists who are on their way will be turned back at the border and those that do make it… through will be arrested and deported never to be allowed entrance to Canada againg.They are in for a huge unplesasant surpise this time.The Police will be sure to refer those they catch in the act of vandalism and assault"sir" or “ma’am” as they make them do the funky chicken with tasers and pepper gas-to say the least of the water cannon.

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