Gabrielle Giffords Endorses Clinton


Just because one doesn’t actually preform the abortion doesn’t mean it’s OK to pass legislation that allows someone else to do the dirty work. The whole abortion legislation to make it legal, was done by those who would never do the crime themselves. It is not a gray area. Try to tell that to the millions of babies that have suffered a “legal” “safe” abortion. But I wouldn’t want to stand before God and try to tell him either. If we Catholics don’t get our act together, we will have a whole lot to answer for I’m afraid.
Have we been listening to Hillary Clinton and her defending Planned Parenthood?? Dear God have Mercy on us. What are we doing to our children?? If we can’t trust them with our babies, what can we trust them with??? God Bless, Memaw



No, Memaw, I’m not a Clinton supporter.



Sanders is pro abortion too. God Bless, Memaw



Yes we have and we have had to fight the Democrats tooth and nail to get passed what things we did get. The home and school has to start with parents that are willing to stand up and fight for what is right. The Supreme Court had NO business passing Roe VS. Wade in the first place. It’s NOT their job to make laws. The flood gates were opened. God Bless, Memaw



Gabrielle Giffords can endorse whoever she wishes to. Being pro-life is more important to me than gun control. I support the right to bear arms. I am truly sorry what happened to Gabrielle Giffords.

Lifesite news has posted an animated video put together by a doctor who once performed abortions, but no longer does. this video (animated) shows how an abortion is performed and what is done to the baby. how anyone can support a candidate that is as pro-abortion as Hillary is beyond me!



I don’t support the right to bear arms. Guns kill innocent others just as abortions do. I wouldn’t say I think gun control is more important than stopping abortion, though.

I think people who actually support abortion block out what happens, or they don’t really believe the child has a soul in the womb. I don’t know, and I don’t want to make excuses for them. I don’t want to see the video. I think what’s done in abortion is horrendous. Still, I think it might be good for Catholic schools to show it to the high school kids.



In all fairness, Memaw, the Supreme Court didn’t make the law, they just ruled that abortion on demand did not violate the Constitution of the United States, and that is their job.

And I don’t believe in abortion, either, but I don’t think any Republican president is going to stop it. They’ve had more than 40 years to do so.

Have a good night, Memaw.



that is the problem. nobody wants to see what the baby goes through. if more people witnessed what happens during an abortion, they would not be as willing to support it. by not seeing what happens you are really in denial and it is easier to say women should be given a choice.
why should only Catholic school kids see this?



Indeed. :thumbsup:
I will say it again.
No Catholic in good conscience can EVER vote for a pro-choice person.
There’s no gray area.
Textbooks on Moral Theology that mitigate the right to life are poor textbooks for a Catholic College. .
Any theology prof that argues for the culture of death because other issues cloud their judgment need to go back to a school which is faithful to the magisterium.



If someone doesn’t want to discuss something, they should NOT be posting about it on public forums (definitely not the News Forums), much less trying to sell the idea they are secure with it and really believe it’s right.

Please see explanations 5-7 here:

Finally, this is the News Forums. Threads started on here need links to a valid news story.



How many innocent lives does a firearm save by protecting an innocent?
Now tell us how many innocent lives are saved by abortion!

Come on, give us some numbers!



Thank you, Lily. I always enjoy your comments.



The story is old news. Gabby Giffords has been appearing at campaign rallies with her back in New Hampshire. That is the first time I heard of the endorsement. She may have been working with the campaign before Iowa.

Your thread is dated.



Please Lily, tell us what type of degree in Catholic Theology you have earned.



I may be wrong, but I have the impression she has an advanced degree in theology. What do you have?



Exactly. let the mental gymnastics begin…






I think people’s arguments should stand and fall on their merits, not on credentials which they may or may not have.

Lots of people have degrees on CAF.



The doctrine taught by the magesterium on the evil of abortion is clear. The doctrine on voting for someone who opposes outlawing abortion is less clear. There is no binding Church teaching on voting in such cases.



Well, as a practicing Catholic, I’ll go with the clarity of the former, and avoid the pitfalls of the latter. :thumbsup:


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