Gaddafi warned Tony Blair of Islamist attacks on Europe, phone transcripts reveal


*He said: ‘There is no bloodshed here. It is very quiet. But if you want to reap Libya, we are ready to fight. It will be like Iraq.’

Warning that the situation could pass ‘the point of no return’ within days, Mr Blair told Gaddafi that ‘this is the last chance to resolve this peacefully’.

‘The violence needs to stop and a new constitution needs to take shape’, he told the Libyan leader, adding that people would be ‘content’ if they saw he was standing down.

But Gaddafi compared the situation to campaigns of extremist violence in Afghanistan, Algeria, Nigeria and Pakistan and challenged Mr Blair: ‘Do you support al Qaida? … Are you supporting terrorism?’

The fraught conversation ended with Gaddafi telling Blair to ‘just leave us alone’, as the former prime minister urged him to ‘keep the lines open’.

Three weeks later, Nato bombers including from Britain, stared air strikes that led to the demise of Gaddafi, who was hacked to death in the October. *

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Just for the record, Tony Blair started his own “Faith Foundation” and one can read a commentary he wrote last December.

In the end, Blair seems to say, yes, we should fight bad terrorists like ISIS first but also fight bad dictators, in this case, secondly, if I read him correctly.


tony blair has also started bad mouthing GWB the last I heard which I don’t like. the two worked closely together after 9/11.
I think Gaddafi was right - OBAMA and BLAIR should have stayed out of what was happening in Egypt and Libya.


I agree.

One reason I posted the commentary he wrote is that those are his words.

When that news story was in the press a few months ago, I can’t help but wonder if the way he said it could have been distorted a bit. We know the press.

Pulsating through this nightmare, is the spectre of Islamist extremism.** The reason some people now cling to the notion that we would be better off with the Saddams and Gaddafis and Assads and the rest still in power is because as we learnt through our experience in Afghanistan and Iraq, removing the dictatorship is not the end of the story. After that, comes the battle with extremism.
The answer to such a strategy of ‘better the dictators you know’ is that it is – like it or not – one that is completely unacceptable to the young and frustrated populations of the Middle East and North Africa. Majorities excluded from power and repressed brutally sooner or later revolt. We might prefer to deal with the old dictators. They will remove them.

See, I read this and it comes out sounding a bit different than what GWB was somewhat denigrated with a few months ago. At the least, to me, what Blair wrote waters down the criticism.


that link is to a very lengthy article. I will have to finish it later. very interesting though!


I have a book (about 25 years now) where Nostradamus said the same thing.



the dictators were dictators for a reason, only dictators can control some regions from ignorant insanity.


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