Gaddafi's son 'captured in Libya'

Colonel Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam has been captured, officials from Libya’s interim government have said.

Saif al-Islam was arrested near the town of Obari in the south of the country, the officials said.

The former leader’s son is the last key member of the Gaddafi family to be captured or killed.

Saif al-Islam is wanted by the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against humanity during the uprising against his father.

The National Transitional Council’s justice minister Mohammed al-Allagui said Saif al-Islam had been detained along with a number of bodyguards, Reuters news agency reported.

Officials said Saif al-Islam was being taken to the city of Zintan in the north of the country.

Gaddafi’s son was in good health, the justice minister is reported to have said.

A commander of the Zintan brigades, allied to the NTC, told a news conference that Saif al-Islam was captured as aides were trying to smuggle him out to neighbouring Niger, the Associated Press news agency reported.

The former leader’s son has been on the run since NTC forces took the capital, Tripoli, in August.

I saw this in the news this morning. Makes one think if the Libyan authorities will kill Gaddafi’s son in similar fashion to his father.

I hope not. Is he as reviled as his father was?

I’m surprised he was still in the country. I figured he had crossed over into Niger weeks ago. There are claims that the International Criminal Court had been in engaged in indirect negotiations for his surrender.

The article mentions that Abdullah Senoussi, the former intelligence chief, is still unaccounted for. I suspect he would be more likely to meet a bloody, impromptu death than Gaddafi’s son.

I was really surprise. I hope they keep him alive and not do that brutal thing like they did to his father.

The State Department is probably paying the rebels not to execute him out of hand, as we speak. Hillary does not need another “We came, we saw, he died.” sticking to her. They’ll pretend to try him before they execute him.

The International Criminal Court tells CNN prosecutors are travelling to Libya next week to “coordinate” trial of Saif Gadhafi.

He should escape to Sweden and sit out quietly somewhere. Sweden has a statute of limitations for political murder.

I think it is probably too late for that.

The rebels don’t need money. They have a ton of oil. However, I think your right that our State Dept is heavily involved right now.

Thanks for this info Ridgerunner

Leader of Libyan town holding Qaddafi’s son refuses to turn him over to new government

Libya is a tribal society

That doesn’t mean a tribe doesn’t have a price. The new government will not likely want to pay it, which leave us to do it or not.

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