Gaelic Tridentine Mass Missalette

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to know if anyone knows of any Scots Gaelic Tridentine Mass Missalettes - or just something that has a translation of the ordinary of the TLM. I’ve already checked out the Una Voce site for Scotland and it is lacking as far as Gaelic goes.

If not do you think anyone here could help translate some of it?


I don’t show one listed on their website, but you might contact the Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei (, and they might be of assistance. It won’t be Scots Gaelic, but maybe the Latin Mass Society of Ireland has something?

I think your best bet is an Irish Prayer book with Eucharistic Prayer 1 in it :o - which is at least a chunk of the Roman Canon.

Have you thought of trying Catholic second-hand bookshops ?

I very much doubt that you’ll find a
*]Scots Gaelic
*]of the pre-V2 Mass[/LIST]- that’s three scarce things at once :slight_smile:

There are of course Bibles - & some are even Catholic: but you aren’t asking for them.

Good hunting :stuck_out_tongue:

The TLM held weekly in Dublin Ireland, to my knowledge does not provide Translations As Gaeilge (In Irish)

I recently purchased a Latin-Irish Gaelic Missal from a fellow I got in contact with from the Latin Mass Society of Ireland

Cost me 60 Euros. It’s in the mail now, I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Of course, that’s not Scot Gaelic… you’re not going to find one in print today. What you need to do is look into the history of what was printed back in 1962 and prior to that year. I found that the Irish Government published missals with Irish Gaelic; of course, the Irish government has always been very big on pouring money into the cause of the Irish Language. I do not know what bodies or entities might have had a concern for printing a scottish gaelic to latin missal…

Prior to ordering it, I was attempting to translate it on my own. My sources were the novus ordo missal in gaelic and a gaelic psalter I found on the Church of Ireland website ([edited by Moderator] it was the only psalter I could find in gaelic! haha, it was basically the same, at first I was confused, but then adjusted for the change in psalm numbers and found all the right things).

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