Gain more Self-Confidence with Belief


Gain more Self-Confidence with Belief

A dear friend told me; „As a child I kind of felt an outcast from both family and school; and still today do".

Well, many got a similar problem. School so often is horror to kids who don’t fit into general opinion. But in this point “general opinion” often is cruel even today and as well as wrong as can be.

My friend said; “I look more or less normal, so I must have an awful personality or something”.

That’s what I thought about myself until I was about 25. It is absolutely wrong. One must get off suchlike thoughts, for we are as our self-conception forms us. How often does the Gospel call on us to be joyful?! Why the heck aren’t we then, as we are so terribly rich having God with us? To be in a funk most of the time, makes us funky in mind and appearance. Let’s never imagine we might be an awful personality, for the last will be first, and the first last. (Mt 20.16)

This of course does not go for people who simply are in a bigheaded way conceited. Many academics are. I can tell, because all in our family where and are academics only. Even when I was 15 or 17, I often and even with my little education thought when listening to the small-talk of my academic relatives and their highly educated friends on number one positions - “oh, ain’t you stupid”. I was the one and only craftsman. The black sheep in the very large academic family - double as large then others, for the two dads I had (after Mom’s divorce and re-marriage). But in mature age I found out, that many of these highly educated - in things that REALLY count, often are a lot dafter than many a charwoman or a “simple” carpenter which Jesus’ foster-father was. Another reason, why the outcast shepherds where informed first about Jesus’ arrival - and not the scribes; which even the Bible makes clear in Mark 1,22. Of course no human gets anywhere near Jesus’ teaching and the Gospel, but Jesus Christ turned all upside down what was preached before by the scribes. He did so first in the Temple when Jesus was 12 and taught the scribes.

“An awful personality” only has he, who thinks he is sufficient in himself. No-one is self-sufficient. We all need others and are one body with others before God. Not only a married couple is of one flesh. Christians can be too if they agree and love their next. Self-determination without God - without Jesus Christ is impossible anyhow.

But once we do have Jesus Christ with us, we certainly can neither be nor have “an awful personality”. Absolutely impossible!
And here again comes in what we in MailCircle years ago again and again pronounced: God wants us to cheer up! He can’t do with crumpled grumpy people who think they are unworthy compared to others. Of course we are unworthy before God, but we are on top of the world when we have God with us, as Jesus promised “I’m with you - always!”

Oh, I was a grumpy guy before I realized how rich I am by having God and how much knighted when living with God. Then I finally realized “I am valuable” for otherwise God wouldn’t be with me and I’d not have God!
So, let’s cheer up all of us and realize that the King of Kings loves us. What more do we desire? Which greater merit is available on earth than God’s love?!


Catechism # 163: Faith makes us taste in advance the light of the beatific vision, the goal of our journey here below. Then we shall see God “face to face”, “as he is”. So faith is already the beginning of eternal life: When we contemplate the blessings of faith even now, as if gazing at a reflection in a mirror, it is as if we already possessed the wonderful things which our faith assures us we shall one day enjoy.



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