Gainesville cop's response to teens playing basketball goes viral


CBS News:

Gainesville cop’s response to teens playing basketball goes viral

A police officer responding to a report of kids playing basketball “loudly” in the streets parked his patrol car and spotted a tall boy holding a basketball.Gainesville Officer Bobby White walked up to the boy and asked him sternly, “Can you believe someone’s calling to complain about kids playing basketball in the street – can you believe that?”
Before the boy could respond, White cracked a smile: “Obviously, I ain’t got no problem with it.”

The young man tossed the officer the ball and he went for two points.
A few seconds later, another boy joined the game – and then five more.
“Oh no, you’ve brought backup,” said White, moments before attempting to dunk on the hoop.
“The takeaway here is – these kids were out, not inside playing video games, getting exercise and having fun,” Gainseville Police Department spokesman Ben Tobias told CBS News. “As a society, we’ve gotten away from letting kids be kids.”

Good for Ofc. White. I’ve posted a lot of stories about tragic police interactions, but it’s good to see something positive and I’m sure many never get reported.
While we’re at it shame on you to neighbors who make these calls. Get a life.


Outstanding job by him. Pretty sad that someone would call the police because kids are playing basketball in the street.

Is it just me or does his voice sound like Tony Stewart?


There is an additional video by the Gainesville PD showing the cop going back to shoot hoops with his backup, Shak.


I saw that too! He also took time to give the kids a pep talk and offered each $100 if they could make a free throw. They all did!


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