Does anyone know anything about the Gaithers? I’m concerned about exposing my young children to their material (songs…). Thanks!

I haven’t heard that name in many years. They are a musical family of Assembly of God background. Bill Gaither is a talented songwriter, but obviously one must weigh the non-Catholic slant of many of the words. Much of their music is fine, though. Since I became Catholic, I especially am attracted to their song, The Church Triumphant (just not the way they intended it).

Let the Church be the Church.
Let the people rejoice!
For we’ve settled the question
We’ve made our choice.
Let the anthems ring out songs of victories swell.
For the Church triuphant is alive and well.

As far as exposing young children, I would not do that without listening to the songs critically. Allow only those songs that are in agreement with Catholic teaching.

[quote=pnewton]I haven’t heard that name in many years. They are a musical family of Assembly of God background…

Actually, Church of God (Anderson, Indiana). Over the past 15 years Bill Gaither has been best known as an imprasario, promoter, and organizer of concerts and programs featuring Southern Gospel music. There is nothing inherently anti-Catholic in the lyrics, but the music is not something you would hear in Mass (but then again, Palestrina’s music was once “new music,” too). However, it is heavy on the pre-mil rapture/can’t-wait-to-get-to-my-mansion kind of thinking.

Personal note: people in my mother’s family have been involved in Southern Gospel music for well over 100 years, starting with the Sacred Harp tradition in the Southeast. I have also written, arranged, and performed Southern Gospel music, and it is probably the biggest thing I miss about leaving fundamental protestantism and becoming Catholic. Contemporary Catholic music just doesn’t have the same appeal, and it seems that most of the people on this forum don’t want to hear anything in Mass that was written after the 1500s :frowning:


Dave Bj: well there are a few of us who like more modern music. What amazes me is when some of it comes under attack as “Protestant”, and it is from the OT or NT. But then, what accounting is there for opinions? :whacky:

I don’t exactly miss that music, but I do like much of the contemporary Catholic music. I am probably not the average enthusiast here, though.

I am a big fan of Fr. Stan Fortuna. He does a great mix of music, he was a professional Jazz musician before becoming a Fransiscan Friar of the Renewal. I have often wondered at how Fr. Stan and Fr. Groeschel ever survived living in the same order. :wink: Anyawy, he does some rap, but there are blues and jazz overtones in his “regular” music.

I do also like some of Marty Haugen’s music, even though he is a Lutheran. I especially like his arrangements with a diverse set of acoustic intstrument. I am a parish musician who just sings with my son’s school mass at present.

Our praish has a “praise band” that plays generic Christian music at the Sunday evening mass. I can accept some of it, but I really have a problem with the songs that are sola fide-ish or pre-mil stuff. I don’t think they belong in a Catholic church. :tsktsk:

Music has to be the hardest arena to try to find a happy medium for pleasing people. Ave Maria! St. Cecelia, pray for us!:gopray:

Sooner or later I’m going to have to get together with someone who’s doctrinally sound and go through my lyrics. I know there’s some of it I’m going to have to toss :frowning:


Well, remember the old saw: You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time. But you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Some like Palistrina. Some like Gregorian Chant. Some like solemn hymns. Some like lively hymns. A few like all of them, but not too many from the sound of things (pun intended). :stuck_out_tongue:

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