Galatians 1:8 and Apostle Peter

Are these words from the New Testament said about Apostle Peter and other Apostles? Or these words are said about all the Apostles except for Peter?

Galatians 1:8: “Friends, though it were we ourselves, though it were an angel from heaven that should preach to you a gospel other than the gospel we preached to you, a curse upon him”

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I’m sorry that my question in the poll was longer then maximum allowed length. The full question in the poll is: “A question for Roman Catholics. Is Galatians 1:8 said about Apostle Peter and other Apostles, or about all the Apostles except for Peter?”

What causes you to think that it involved any of them? Just a few verses ahead, Paul states that he journeyed to Jerusalem to ensure that his Gospel comported with that of Peter and the Apostles “lest I had run (the race) in vain.” Paul knew that Peter and the rest had the true Gospel and desired to agree with them on all counts.

Clearly, Paul was speaking of unnamed early heretics that had infiltrated the Galatians.

True, Paul didn’t think that Peter was preaching a different gospel.

But he does say that even if the Apostles themselves or an angel should turn up teaching a false gospel, the believers should reject it.

I voted that of course it would apply to Peter as well (and his successors, if that’s what you’re getting at) but that of course they have not taught, and will not teach, such falsehood.


The verse applies to ANYONE who would preach a different Gospel. However, it in no way suggests that any of the true Apostles WOULD preach a different Gospel. If you read the whole book of Galatians, it is very clear that Paul is rebuking them for listening to false teachers…early heretics.


This would be my question too…Why does the OP think that the verse applies to ANY of the Apostles?


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