Gallic Rite

I am wondering about this extinct rite. I hear a form of it is still practiced in Lyon, France. Has anyone experienced it? Are any of the fragments available online or in a prayerbook? Thanks!

The various Gallican Eucharistic Liturgies were eventually suppressed in what is now France by the introduction of the Roman Rite by Charlemagne in the 9th century, though it didn’t happen overnight.

One of the features of the Gallican rites is a different Canon (Eucharistic Prayer) daily. After the Sanctus came a Post-Sanctus that led into the Words of Institution (which were fixed); these were followed by a prayer called the Post Pridie.

The Roman Mass with its nearly always fixed canon mean a whole lot less copying and a much smaller book.

Now, at one point, various metropolitanates and dioceses of the Church in France began issuing so-called “neo-Gallican” breviaries, but by the end of the 19th century, the Roman Breviary became the norm.

BTW–the term is Gallican rites in the plural, as there were a plethora of them.

I believe that there is (or at least, there was) a variant of the Gallican usage that survive(s)(d) in Lyon. Further, the Mozarabic usage (which does survive in Toledo and certain other places in Spain) is sometimes considered to be another variant. The (very unfortunately now moribund) Carmelite usage is also at least partially derived from it.

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