Gallup: 44% Don’t Know Obama’s Religion; 11% Say He’s Muslim; 8% Say He Has None

Gallup: 44% Don’t Know Obama’s Religion; 11% Say He’s Muslim; 8% Say He Has None

( - Despite the fact that President Barack Obama says he is a Christian and formerly attended the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ, 44 percent of Americans say they do not know what Obama’s religion is, while 11 percent erroneously say he is a Muslim and 8 percent say he is “none/no religion,” according to a Gallup poll released Friday.

The group of those who say they do not know Obama’s religion crosses party lines, with 47 percent of Republicans saying they don’t know, 46 percent of Independents saying they don’t know, and 36 percent of Democrats saying they don’t know.

The topic is that 44 percent don’t know Obama’s religion. He does “self-identify” as a Christian. We cannot question that part here.

Please remember this part of the forum rules when discussing this article:

It is fair to discuss a politician’s or newsmaker’s position on the issues and their qualifications for office, it is not fair to discuss their spiritual well being. Criticisms of a anyone’s spiritual life or spirituality should be left between that person and their spiritual director or confessor. They are not allowed in the forums. If a politician or newsmaker states that they are a certain religion that is the assumed religion of the politician in this forum, please do not question it.

Does he still have a religion? Because the article says he formerly attended a United Church of Christ church? Where does he go now?

Add me to the 8% who can’t distinguish what religion he is, or if he has one at all. The only thing he seems to have faith in is government power.

He worships at the altar of the federal government.

He worships at the Church of St.Drone.

This post is tongue in cheek, don’t take it to seriously.

I am not sure that the Obamas have chosen one particular church. They seem to have attended St. John’s Episcopal Church the most, which is where they went for Easter this year

Here are some of the churches he has attended while president:

“The President and the First Family … have attended services at 19th Street Baptist Church, the Washington National Cathedral, Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church, Vermont Avenue Baptist Church, Metropolitan A.M.E. Church, Shiloh Baptist Church and multiple services at St. John’s Episcopal Church and Evergreen Chapel at Camp David.”

That list was posted in January of this year, so it may have grown

We are obligated to acknowledge that he does “self-identify” as a Christian, and are not to question that. I don’t know if asking how often, or when was the last time he did “self-identify”, qualifies as questioning.

We cannot judge motives but we can certainly judge actions and his associations. I suspect the reason that 44% of the country don’t know the President’s religion is that he does not appear to live a Christian life. Neither his actions or his chosen associations reflect such values.

Any posters up to this point been reading the daily Gospel readings for this week’s Masses?

Our time might be more productively spent in scripture and its meaning than in “news” articles.

Peace to all.

Just a statement of the sophistication and general understanding of the American people.

And your’s might be more productively spent not reading threads and commenting on them only to chide others. :rolleyes:

Maybe some of the 44% of the poll participants who say they don’t know Obama’s religion do so because his religious identification is not a major concern of theirs. Or perhaps they don’t know which specific Christian denomination he belongs to. Others in this group may not be sure if he’s Christian or Muslim. The people who say Obama has no religion are most likely opposed to what they feel is Obama’s war on religion, or simply identify members of the Democratic Party as secular and non-religious. Those who say he is Muslim are primarily the hard-core believers in the birther movement.

While he does self identify as Christian, as someone who has read his book “Dreams from my Father,” I have difficulty believing that. :shrug:
Especially when he tells stories of how disrespectful he was in religious classes in both the Catholic and Muslim schools he attended.
Not that I’m saying it isn’t true, just that I have a hard time believing that he has a religion.

Got this e-mail today

You are correct, Jason. Forgive me.

I sometimes forget that this is site is not only used as an apostolate, but as a political soap box.

Very charitable…Do you, like I, ever wonder if others have a hard time believing we have a religion?

Questioning/doubting someone’s religious beliefs? What a cruel and uncharitable thing to say


And if this poll is true, what does it say about the USA? Every president in living memory has been a member of the Christian faith; I don’t remember anyone on any side of politics questioning this, and certainly no one had a reason to be unclear about it. If this poll is accurate, it shows that the relentless lies about the president have successfully misled a huge percentage of the country. This is a very bad sign for our democracy, where an informed electorate is essential.

Well said, friend. I’m not an Obama supporter, but I feel bad for the man. People call him a Muslim and others say they don’t know what his religion is and yet he gets criticized for being a member of Jeremiah Wright’s Church

Some days, I would say yes, at least for myself. :blush: No one is perfect, I the least of all. I guess it’s just that my opinions of Obama are seen through the lens of his book, and how he described himself. Everything he does makes perfect sense in context with his own writings. Actually, if you want to understand his policies, you should read it.

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