Gallup Poll shows Pope Francis is not so “Laudato” these days [Fr. Z] you seen the Gallup Poll on Pope Francis’ popularity? HERE

His favorability has, essentially, crashed.

Back in February 2015,*Pew Research showed that 70% of all Americans and 90% of Catholics viewed Francis favorably.

Today, according Gallup, his favorability is at 71%.

So, in about 6 months – half a year – Francis’ popularity in these U.S.A., has, among Catholics, fallen nearly 20% (19% to be exact). * That’s in only 6 months.

Let us ask:

What happened between February and now?

Laudato si’.

There’s more.

Francis*lost 14% among liberal Americans.

Let us also ask:

How do these numbers compare with polls from the beginning of Francis’ pontificate in March 2013?

In April 2013, among Americans, his favorables were at 58% and unfavorables at 10%. Today, his favorables are at 59% and unfavorables at 16%.

In other words, Americans*like him as much now as when they knew nothing about him.

In that same period, however, his unfavorables have increased 6%.

Let the liberal excuses begin!

One*possible excuse will be that Francis’ hasn’t been as prominent in the media as he was in 2013, so these numbers are superficial. In other words the media will blame the media. “If only the Pope could be on the cover of TIME a few more times!”

Speaking of the media blaming the media, this is from the David Gibson piece at*the ultra liberal RNS:

“Stephen Schneck, head of the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies at Catholic University of America in Washington, blamed pundits on the right and left, like Rush Limbaugh and Rachel Maddow, for “politicizing” the pope’s teachings.”

And this fromthe same liberals who assure us that talk show hosts don’t really have much influence! Now they want to blame talk shows for the Pope’s loss of 19pointsamong Catholics since February?


Couldn’t it be that Americans are tired of being berated?


According to the Public Religion Research Institute only 40% of white Catholics – who make up 2/3 of all Catholics in these USA – believe in global warming as a result of human activity.

So, it could be*that the more people heard about Laudato si’ the less they liked the Pope.

Mind you, liberal catholics, such as the writers and readers of the**National Schismatic Reporter* (aka Fishwrap) will try to explain away this huge drop in popularity because Francis’ is being prophetic: “Francis*has challenged Americans and taken them out of their complacency!”

Mind you, liberals don’t include themselves among normal Americans. They understand things far better than the hoi polloi. So, watch the Left*get out the climbing equipment and oxygen tanks as they struggle up to even loftier moral high ground.

The Pope will probably get popularity bumps from his U.S. trip.

Right now, however, he’s trending downward.

It will be interesting to see how – and if – Pope Francis and his*team will adjust their message.

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Just a comment, because it’s been a long day and I’m tired and grumpy.

From the article, “For the most part, Catholics and political conservatives — two groups that remain most devout to the modern papacy — drove the rating down.”

O.k. can someone tell me which other groups remain devout to the papacy? Are there any? Who, aside from Catholics, would be devout to the papacy? Are there non-Catholic conservatives who are devout?

What a stupidly worded sentence. How about a rewrite? ‘For the most part, Catholics remain devout to the modern papacy, but drove the rating down.’ That makes so much more sense. :hey_bud:

There are those who do not believe that global warming is man-made.

I don’t think other groups are devout to the papacy, but Pope Francis is popular among many non-Catholics/Christians. Know how many times I’ve heard “Who am I to judge?” as a ploy to accept homosexuality?

Didn’t Jesus say “judge not lest you be judged?”

Yes, He did, but He was referring to the states of people’s souls, not actions. Of course we have to judge actions, and everyone does that all the time.

Isn’t one of the Spiritual works of Mercy to “Admonish the sinner”? That’s not judging the soul of that person, (that’s God’s job) but to try to help them turn from sin. Seems some don’t want to see the big difference!! As for the Pope, don’t believe everything you read or hear form the media. they love to twist things their way. If Catholics turn away from the Pope because they don’t agree with what he says, then they are putting themselves ahead of the Holy Spirit. Try reading what the Pope actually said and NOT what the media says he said. God Bless, Memaw

I don’t think it’s the Pope’s job to please people.

At least the good people who are concerned about life on earth view him much more favorably. Too bad they are in the tiny minority. We have our work cut out to save the earth and save souls. :slight_smile:

I completely agree with you Lynn.

I don’t believe that Pope Francis is or ever was seeking approval of his remarks and teachings. I think he sets the standard pretty high and calls upon us all to strive for that, even as Our Blessed Lord did.

We can see people’s actions, but is it anyone’s right to criticise, to judge them? We have no idea on the state of someone’s mind, or soul, that would lead them to act as they do. I love that father Francis said “who am I to judge” because if not him, then none of us. Love is what heals, not admonishing, understanding and listening, not shunning and criticism.

I have spent a good amount of time, st francis, looking at commentaries, thoughts, and researching ideas on this verse today and can’t find anywhere the idea that it is people’s souls we are not to judge, but that we can pass judgement on their actions. Please can you point out where you got this from? I really would like to know, as I do believe that Jesus was telling us to worry about our own sins and not those of other people.

At the same time Saint Paul listed those who will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. So apparently judgement is necessary sometimes. The question is, in what sense did Jesus mean what he said, because it sure doesn’t mean what the liberal progressives use it to mean. Otherwise St. Paul would be condemned as well.

That all sounds great, but at paul admonished, and even better yet, Jesus admonished the sinner. Christian love isn’t just some weak acceptance of everyone and their sins. It includes admonishing a person for their sins. In fact that is one of the spiritual works of mercy.

Who am I to admonish, being a sinner myself. Who am I to accept or judge, I’m not God or Jesus or a great Apostle, I’m just another pilgrim on the road. People know when they are doing wrong, they don’t need me to add to their guilt or despair. They do need a friend who will say what they think if asked, but keep quiet if not, and just listen. That is your act of mercy, not condemnation.

How can we say that people know when they are sinning when the vast majority of Christians support living together before marriage; and gay marriage and abortion are the law of the land?

The idea that we should never admonish the sinner is a novel idea that is contrary to the teachings of both scripture and the Catholic Church. The spiritual works of mercy aren’t my invention, they have been part of official catholic teaching for centuries. We are all sinners, but that doesn’t mean we abandon our principles and pretend like all things are acceptable. The principles of right and wrong still remain whether we live up to them or not.

Count me as not a fan.

Judge means to determine whether that person goes to heaven, hell or purgatory. It does NOT mean admonishing the sinner, which we are all called to do.

I have asked already and have yet to hear where in the gospels Jesus defines “judging” as deciding a person’s fitness for Heaven. I do remember something about “neither will I condemn you”.

I have friends who are non-Catholic think he is the best Pope ever and other non-Catholic friends shake their heads about the comments Pope Francis makes. I think the Pope is still well liked. He can’t please everyone all the time.

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