Gallup poll shows Trump more popular than ever



40% is his highest ever?

That’s high?


45%. 87% of republicans approve of the job he is doing and 17% of democrats approve. i forgot what the number is for independents.


Not a member of any party. President Donald John Trump’s a haughty, arrogant, businessman. I didn’t like him before he was President and don’t like him since he became President. Sure, there can be individual topics on which I can agree with him on, but he has done a poor job on different things such as President Trump’s bad idea of embassy in Jerusalem (:us: needs to say out of MiddleEast), President Trumps bad idea of putting sanctions on Iran and President Trump’s bad idea of putting aranceles on steel and aluminum.

President Trump and his supporters talk too much about ex President Obama and they talk too much about the Clintons, when Obama isn’t the President anymore. President Trump and his supporters waste too much time reacting to celebrity views. I also don’t see why people waste time reacting to what celebrities say about Trump either for or against. They don’t raise much new, we’ve heard this before and it’s not surprising. Yet, so much time is wasted by President Trump and their supporters reacting to what celebrities say and talking about Ex President Obama. If a celebrity says something for or against Trump, then just don’t reply. President Trump should concentrate on what he does as President and people should talk about the work Trump is doing.


According to Gallup he’s more popular than ever (resist is failing).



This poll shows how many Americans have abandoned their values and basic sense of common decency to support such as Trump.
However there are enough of us Americans who take our civic duty seriously and who will continue to speak out against the lying, cheating, bullying, rape of women, racism, acts of treason, and failing to protect the civil rights of ALL Americans, and promotion of a constitutional crisis through shady threats and innuendos by Trump.

Fascism takes over the way all change occurs, slowly. It took years of Fascism to take roots and to take full control. It takes years of propaganda, of speeches and articles that gradually chip away at tolerance, and make their hatred seem normal. This is what I see here on Catholic Answers.


Have another glass of Kool aide,well maybe not…


Nope, that is not true. It just tied the 45% marked he attained on jan 29, 2017.


still shows ‘resist’ is failing


isn’t that around the time the anti-Trumpsters were claimimg he was only at 40%?


45 percent approve, 51 percent disapprove. Now if we can just get those 3 million illegal immigrants who voted for Hillary to stop participating in the survey Trump might get to a positive rating for the first time in his presidency. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Trump never made it into positive territory between now and November, 2020.


:rofl: :rofl::rofl:


actually you are 1% off. it was 50% disprove.


Well your definitely talking about the Democrats! They don’t stand up for the rights of the unborn Americans.

You’ve been speaking out about Bill Clinton?? Good deal!!!


Gallup is not he only poll. No or No?


No argument there.
Is Gallup the only poll? No or No?


Let me answer that.
there are 88 polls that put out data…


From the above article:

Among 88 polls released this year, Rasmussen has the highest approval rating for Trump, according to Real Clear Politics

FiveThirtyEight provides a weighted average of presidential approval polls and compares Trump’s figures with those of past presidents, going back to Harry S. Truman.

So what does the weighted average show?


It’s unsurprising that people who support President Trump justify him. Before the 2016 election, I heard evangelicals condemning Trump but since the 2016 elections, evangelicals are making excuses for him Trump. And so much time is wasted by President Trump’s supporters talking about Hillary, ex President Clinton and ex Pres. Obama, when those 3 aren’t politicians anymore.

With President Trump’s supporters (especially evangelicals), they say they’re against something and then do what they say to be against, which started by supporting Trump. It also makes no sense for evangelicals to decry the Rainbow Flag, but support Breitbart who hired Milo Yiannopolous :poop: & then make excuses for Milo Yiannopolous after he defends same sex pedophilia. Most of the same people have not spoken against Vice President MR Pence for supporting the ambassador to Germany. Anyhow, makes no sense to condemn Democrats or those liberals and then do the things you say to be against.

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