Gallup says pot usage doubled in 3 yrs

I thought the recent Gallup findings would be interesting to discuss

Thirteen percent of U.S. adults tell Gallup they currently smoke marijuana, nearly double the percentage who reported smoking marijuana only three years ago. That’s 1 in 8 people now smoking.

Highly doubtful that the actual usage has gone up. There are more opportunities to use it legally so people may be more likely to be truthful about what they’ve been doing for quite some time. Less fear of narcs.

It may have gone up, some, if for no other reason than there are fewer legal inconveniences to doing it.


:eek: And how many states have legalized it in the last 3 years? The Land of Fruits and Nuts will vote on it in November and the usage will double here too. :frowning:

Interesting that as “religiosity” goes up, likelihood of usage goes down.

8% is high, and as soon as I saw it I knew that it didn’t accurately reflect the people I know even though I’m a young adult. But all the subgroups with higher usage rates are groups I’m not in or spend a lot of time with (besides age). I also don’t live in the Western part of the country.

I live in the south, in a rural area that is virtually unspoiled and pristine due to low population and the majority of local residents in my town are transplants. There has been a concerted effort to legalize marijuana in this state for the past four election cycles, being voted down each time. Once again, the pushers are out in force, trying to get the issue back on the ballot. The devil never sleeps. I have been accosted when attending outdoor events by people with clip boards wanting a signature “just to get it on the ballot” Even telling the woman I would never vote for such a destructive issue, she argued that I should, at least be willing to put it to a vote as the democratic process should be upheld and tried to coerce me into signing the petition. Hard sell is putting it mildly. I reiterated my position again and asked her to please move on. Voting this down three times already does not discourage these people one iota.

I used to think the world would end before it became legal in TX; now I am not so sure.


I agree. :thumbsup: At the present time there are four state that have legalized recreational marijuana and 24 states that have legalized medical marijuana. There will be more states that will likely legalize recreational marijuana. I believe that pot usage has doubled is a combination of people being more comfortable in admitting that they use marijuana and the fact that it is more readily available.

I personally don’t believe in the recreational use of marijuana. For many people marijuana is a gateway drug to more harmful narcotics. I do believe that marijuana has medicinal uses and should be made available to patients who would benefit from using it. It is just unfortunate that with the greater acceptance of marijuana both medically and recreationally that there will be abuse that will to even greater addictions.

I know quite a few older folks, middle aged up to about mid 70s, who enjoy smoking pot, none of them are destitute in anyway, most are fairly successful in their lives, and seem to be generally happy/ content people. They have not chosen to move on to harder drugs or let pot run their lives, they simply enjoy using it occasionally, and have been doing this for many years.

Im not sure I would trust polls like this though, many people like I know would not admit to using it, and while some others would likely lie about it and claim they do.

Personally I cannot stand pot, I used it years ago here and there, but I did not like the feeling it gave me, I found I became extremely paranoid of EVERYTHING around me, friends who I have known since childhood, I was suddenly beginning to wonder if they were truly my friend or if they were involved in some secret plot to destroy me! LOL I kept wondering why no one else seemed to get this reaction, everyone else seemed to love the experience.

For the most part I do agree with you. I work in the healthcare industry. I work as a medical assistant in a cardiology office full time and I have a part time job working at Presbyterian Hospital as a CNA on the weekends. There is currently a drug epidemic in our country and in particular our young people are being effected. There are several young people who I have cared for that are on heart failure medicine due to heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine. In the hospital I have cared for several young people who overdosed on heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine. Studies have shown conclusively that individuals who are addicted to heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine started with marijuana.

My nephew, who started in his teens using marijuana, had at least six stays in rehab over his very short life, died of a drug overdose from heroin in his early 30’s. after being clean and sober for four months, his pusher located him and gave him a “freebie”. It killed him almost instantly.

I am so sorry! :mad: I do realize that the argument is made that there are those who will use recreational marijuana responsibly. I don’t agree with this position. Like you I have seen first hand the devastating effects that drug use has had on people. Especially the young. There will be those individuals who in time are not able to attain the same high smoking marijuana and will move on to more potent and deadly narcotics.

Yes, SOME do move on to harder drugs, but there is no way to determine if they would have started using harder drugs or not if they had not used pot early on, if what you say is accurate and should be a factor in creating laws, why are there so many folks like the ones I described, the people who have not moved to harder drugs?

Everyone is different, drugs are going to effect everyone in different ways, some will be content with using only pot, others will seek harder drugs, but either way, its not a good idea to have a single set law for everyone, when everyone is different, everyone will make different choices.

Heck there are some folks out there that use heroin in moderation, I have known a few of these people, they use it sparingly and it does not become a problem for them, granted that there are many more that do end up having problems with it, but it must be factored in that it does not apply to everyone.

I do agree with many of your points. That being said drugs are harmful to our bodies and that includes Marijuana. Studies have be done that smoking or ingesting marijuana reduced the serotonin in our bodies. When the serotonin levels are depleted in the body the individual suffers from depression. You are absolutely right that there are many people that smoke or ingest marijuana and they do not go on to any other narcotics. In this very instance though these individuals are adversely effected by depression. It is a complicated issue.

I believe that marijuana should be available for medicinal purposes. There is no doubt that for cancer patients as well as parents who suffer from seizures that it is beneficial for them to smoke or ingest marijuana and that they have a better quality of life when they have access to medicinal marijuana. In my experience working in the healthcare industry I am opposed to the legalization of recreational marijuana. The families who have lost loved one or have a family member that is now a vegetable are the ones to pick us the pieces.

My sincere condolences.

I’ve heard about this before, where someone is successfully licking the drug, only to have a fatal relapse. Drugs do that to a body.

And while this does not generally occur with MJ, no-one should be encouraged to climb on the recreational-drug snowball. (Which is what legalization would do.) For every anecdote about people happily smoking pot in old age, there are probably ten where it has put a huge dent in the life. Or worse.

Snowballs can only go downhill.


9 out of 10 times, this happens because the addict uses the amount he was using prior to getting clean, even if it was 2-3 months, their tolerance drops very quickly and an amount of heroin that used to only get them buzzed, now is enough to kill them.

Although I learned today, the dealers are using something new to add weight to heroin…elephant tranquilizer, Yes, you read that right, its 10,000 times stronger than morphine and never intended to be used by humans, but ya know, when the DEA makes certain drugs harder to get, sneaky greedy dealers are going to use anything they can get their hands on, I dont know how long its going to take for the powers that be to recognize this?!

Would that be Etorphine, by any chance?

Problems like this didn’t exist before legal acceptance and commercially produced ‘edibles’


I heard the name but cannot recall it, I thought it began with a ‘C’, and was a fairly short name?

I get a similar reaction to alcohol even in small quanities. While others find it relaxing, it fills my mind with ants, agitated, racing thoughts. Most unpleasant … Not sure what would happen if i tried more… With me this is probably a side effect of the auto immune illness i sufffer. A relative of mine tried pot once and they had to get medical help out… went out of her mind and she is the sanest of people.

Think I wil stick with codiene for pain relief

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