Gallup says pot usage doubled in 3 yrs

Carfentanil not to be confused with fentanyl

Yes, that is the one.

I think what probably happened, some clever dealer was having problems getting opioid drugs to lace heroin with, like Fentanyl, so they figured out something intended for animal use likely does not have many restrictions, since its not meant for humans, it may have been easier to get ahold of nowadays.

But it still goes back to the same outcome, no matter what laws they put in place, addicts are not going to just stop using, they WILL find a way to get ahold of ‘something’, these laws have done nothing but push people towards MUCH more dangerous substances, like Ive said before, at least before 2012, addicts were only abusing pills, made in a controlled lab, they could be sure of the drug content, thanks to the DEA, that is long gone, addicts are forced to use anything they can get their hands on.

Its almost like the drug cartels went to lawmakers and complained the easy access to opiate pain pills was hurting their profits, and they obliged them, ensuring addicts would HAVE to use heroin supplied by them. LOL

This is a product of a secular liberal society. We need Christ in America.

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