Gambia crisis: Jammeh given last chance to resign as troops close in


In Gambia the outgoing president has until noon to step down or Senegal troops move in. And in Washington our president is sworn in service organization a peaceful manner.

What a world we live in.

( it is 7:19 a.m. in Gambia as a post)


Sounds better than the last one, who was a bit of an Islamist thug it seems. Hopefully this one is not a wolf in sheeps clothing…


Looks like Jammeh has finally agreed to accept the results of the election and give up the Presidency.

Glad he finally saw reason, but sad that it took International outcry and threats of invasion by neighboring Senegal to make it happen.

I may loathe the US’s incoming president and believe he’s going to lead this country to a darker future. But at least we’ve continued our long standing tradition of a peaceful transfer of power. I pray we continue to have that going forward.


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