Gambler sues, says he lost $500,000 playing drunk


Come on now. Did he really think all those free drinks were really free?

I am not defending casinos that encourage people to make dumb bets or get even dumber with alcohol. It is not a good thing, but that is what they have always done. Sister Mary Slapstick would have explained this as avoiding the near occasion of stupidity.


people can’t seem to take responsibility for their own poor choices and actions and instead want to blame everyone else. When they reep what they have actually sown themselves, they try to find a way to sue someone else.


Nevada law makes it illegal to allow an intoxicated person to gamble in a casino. It’s black letter law. I would prefer that the law be changed so that no one can bet more then a $100 in a month. Gambling abuses people, that is all it does. Of course, you always here about the millionaires that gamble, but you never hear about the families that lose their homes and/or can’t feed their kids because mom or dad spent their paychecks at the slot or poker machine or card table. Allowing the State or corporations to trick people into draining their resources, so the State and corporations can make a profit to me is sickening.



Maybe a bit more per month ($100 is rather low, especially for those who are vacationing for a weekend or something and have a set amount set aside), but I definitely support a limit on how much you can gamble per month.


If that’s the law it has to be the least enforced law in Nevada as I am told they do serve free alcohol for the gamblers which to any intelligent person is allowing intoxicated people to gamble.


Had he won 500k while intoxicated should the casino file suit to reclaim it’s losses?



You beat me to it!




But the casino knew the odds were in their favor he would lose and, not satisfied with taking all he had, lent him more. That’s pretty cold.

Casinos can refuse to pay off if, for instance, the winnder is underage – without repaying the money they gambled and reject winners if they even suspect they are card-counting. I’d say the deck is stacked enough without liquoring up their customers.


Before the law was changed in 2006 to make online gambling illegal in the US, I won well over $100k. I am convinced that besides the odds being in my favor on promotions, I played blackjack a lot better when completely sober. Even under the controlled conditions of my own home, gambling can be addictive. Everyone should know that before they are old enough to enter a casino.

You still have to watch out for crooked games on the internet and I was kicked out of several online casinos for winning too much. Combining two addictive behaviors like gambling and drinking is why the industry can continue to build billion dollar casino resorts. My only problem is how anyone with connected brain cells can destroy himself financially when it is so obvious where your behavior will lead you.


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