Gambling Problem

Someone very close to me has a gambling problem she is unable to control and I’m about at my wits end about it all. Is there an organization like AA for this kind of problem?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, Gamblers Annonymous is an organization which bases its recovery on the same 12 Steps that are used by AA. In fact, a recovering Alcoholic with an addiction to Gambling founded GA.

You should be able to find GA in the telephone book; however, you may be able to be directed to them through an internet search.

Good luck. – GA home page – an informative article regarding pathological gambling

Thanks so much LSK and Felra :slight_smile:


You are welcome…let us know how he/she does.

[quote=LSK]You are welcome…let us know how he/she does.

Ditto. God bless.

Dear LSK and Felra -

Well she just checked into the websites you both suggested after talking to her about it by phone a few minutes ago. I take it as a very positive first step that SHE took it upon herself to start researching this herself. Of course I’ll be there to help her along.

Thank you both again . . .

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