Game of Thrones - Okay to read if I purposely skip the over the top parts?

Hi all,

I was given the Game of Thrones boxed set for Christmas from my brother and sister in law. However, they warned me that there were some over the top parts. I’ve been skipping these parts when I encounter them (I basically skim to see if there is any pertinent information and then move on till the “scene” is complete). Do you find that this is an acceptable practice? The rest of the book is fairly good and I’d like to see how it goes, but it’s definately no Tolkien when it comes to modesty. I actually am repulsed by some of the things I read in the story, but that just serves to show how evil some of the characters are.


It’s absolutely fine to read, and you don’t even need to skip over parts. As long as your reason for reading the books is not for those parts, you are fine.

You can judge in your mind what parts of books and movies and tv shows are immoral, and you can choose to skip those parts or read them.

Enjoy the books, they truly are fantastic!

I don’t know about the book, but we saw some of the series at my daughter’s home (after being warned there were some bad scenes) . And I was entirely turned off. The battle scenes were good but some of the scenes tended to be pornographic.

It’s too bad that most of that could be skipped over both in the televised series or the books. I’m no prude, but suggestions of evil characters can be made without spelling it out.

That said, I’ve encountered some books that were good reading except for these parts and I’ve done the same as you did, skipped over these parts.

But don’t know if that could apply to everyone. If its an occasion of sin for someone, you should definitely not be reading it, although its much easier for a female to be skipping it rather than a male in some cases. Can’t help sometimes if the writer believes his books won’t sell well unless there’s scenes like these in it.

Many of our great authors managed to explore evil characters without exploring sexual scenes, but leaving it to the reader to imagine how bad these characters were.

Well I skip those parts precisely because I feel they ARE a near occasion of sin (not mortal necessarily) for me. I guess I was just concerned with whether or not skipping those parts was sufficient justification for me to read the rest of what is present (which I do enjoy and is not a near occasion of sin for me).

Does that make sense?

Why would it not be? If you are reading only things that are not a near occasion of sin for you, how could that possibly be sinful?

I hate it when an otherwise good book, movie or tv show is spoiled by gratuitous sex scenes. I watched part of the first series of the TV show ‘Rome’, and had to fast forward through a fair chunk of it.

I mean how is it that a film like ‘Gladiator’ can perfectly well show the decadence and corruption of Roman society without even a single unnecessary VERBAL reference to sex, let alone graphic presentation of it?

As someone who helps build fictional worlds, I was appalled by the TV series because parts were pornographic. If the books contain such scenes, I would not read them.

Opinions on who can handle what don’t really matter. The media has helped deceive us into believing that adults can handle “mature” material. If it’s a sin when you’re twelve, it’s still a sin when you’re forty. For years, Hollywood gave us movies about war and movies like The Ten Commandments (1956) and the story didn’t need any depictions of sexual activity.

Even some writers today believe that gory, gruesome and sexual scenes are required for their books. Not so. I’ve been involved in creating fictional worlds for 30 years. The media changed. They allowed it. Sad.


Well, I’m strongly inclined to not read the rest of the book. I feel like if the books have this kind of **** in it, then I shouldn’t bother with it period. Any suggestions on books in the science fiction/fantasy genre that you would recommend that would not be “over the top”? I love Tolkien, but I doubt anything else comes close to his work. :slight_smile:

I urge you to reconsider; Martin is amazing. It is still not clear to me why you think you are in morally dangerous territory if you edit out those parts that are problematic to you, but whatever.


Hyperion Cantos (Simmons)
Memory, Sorry, and Thorn (Williams)
The Baroque Cycle (Stephenson)
Malazan Book of the Fallen (Erikson)
Dune (Spencer)
The Left Hand of Darkness (LeGuin)
Foundation (Asimov)

Thanks for the suggestions! Honestly, it’s not just those parts. I guess it’s just the overall tone of the books. Kind of depressing. Not saying I want all of my reads to be bunnies, rainbows and sunshine, but it’s just not my thing I think.

Again, thanks for the suggestions. I’ll start with Dune since I’ve heard of that before :slight_smile:

I like books from the 1940s and 1950s. I’ve read a little Robert Heinlein, like Waldo & Magic Inc. (1950). I guess I’ve read more actual science than science-fiction and haven’t read much fantasy, preferring to study mythology. In fact, I’ve read more science fiction from Ray Bradbury that was adapted into comic book form in the 1950s. I’ve found his actual books unappealing.


I am bummed because I just bought this book–I will have to keep a close watch. I suspect if things are as people here say, I will likely just chaulk it up to money lost. I never understand why some writers do these things.

Bradbury is my favorite fiction author, though I suppose many are close or perhaps even tied if I get down to it. :slight_smile:

Shock value writing seems cheap to me.

I think the general question comes down to: why bother reading a novel if there are elements that one has to skip over?

Yeah, sorry bud. Martin could have conveyed the relationships without giving us “the details”. I had an idea it would be that way, but I gave it a chance since it was a Christmas present.

Because the person enjoys the book in general. That is the same thing as asking, “why bother reading a novel if there are elements of it that one does not like?” Because the rest is good.

Should everyone who would otherwise like Titanic not watch it because Kate Winslet briefly appears topless in a 3-hour movie?

Full disclaimer: I have read all of Martin’s books in their entirety.

Shock value writing seems cheap to me.

How can you possibly know the motives of an author?

I have not read the books yet–just recently bought “A Game of Thrones.” I will read it for myself and decide. If there are very few short elements in the book that fall into the questionable range, then I will continue. If there are many such elements and they are of great length, then I
I will chuck the book.

I never said I can read any authoer’s motive. I simply said that I find shock value writing to be cheap. I have no idea if Martin’s work falls into that, or not, I have not yet read the book.

No problem. I will still give it a read just to see for myself. Many people rave about the guy (calling him the American Tolkien and such things)…so it is worth it just to see if I can skip over those parts and still retain enjoyment in reading the book.

I’ll let you know what I think after I get into in a few days. :slight_smile:

That is certainly your prerogative, and seems to be consistent with what I posted.

I never said I can read any authoer’s motive. I simply said that I find shock value writing to be cheap. I have no idea if Martin’s work falls into that, or not, I have not yet read the book.

Nor did I claim you did. I am glad to hear that you are going in open-mindedly.

Yes, please do. I’m curious what others think. Like I said, for me, it just bothers me to the point I can’t enjoy the rest of the book (along with the overall tone).

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