Game time: Two Lies and a Truth

There are no real rules, just things to consider, what you decide to put out here, is what you have to be prepared for leaving yourself open for. So for instance if you put down your truth as say, you have committed a mortal sin and never confessed it, you are there by leaving yourself open for a dog piling on top of yourself.

The game can be light hearted , it is meant to be I guess eye opening about perceptions people have about each other, or assumptions about each other.

Oh an keep this in mind, just because it says two lies and a truth , doesn’t mean list two lies first then the truth, ya have to mix it up. or it just becomes pointless.

An I shall kick it off.

Drum roll…

I have no tattoos. / When I was 6 years old, I was out hiking with my family , and I some how came across what i didn’t know to be a hornets nest, I had to mess with it to see what it was and before I knew it, i was being stung, and had to be taken to the hospital to get treated, because the swelling and pain was so bad. / In my early 30s I had pursued a religious life, first as a diocesan priest and later as a Benedictine monk.

I’ll let this sit for a few, if someone wants to add their own 2 lies and a Truth before I answer feel free, I will just quote n copy everyones guesses for me an then answer a little later.

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