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I know this is odd, but the typical depiction of a paladin in role-playing games is that of a priest.-type character. My question is, would it be a smart idea if the paladin is depicted as a deacon-type character that could wield swords as well as maces?

/runs :o

Paladins in D and D and similar games generally do wield swords. You are thinking of Clerics who often have that whole ‘mace or blunt’ weapons ethos derived from medieval codes about not spilling blood.

Asides from the ethos and equipment, what are the other differences?It’s not just in D and D but also in other games. o:
For instance, the Diablo II series, Paladins do carry maces, clubs and scepters. However, they do wield other weapons such as swords and spears.

So, if Cleric-class characters are based from Catholic priests, how about Paladin-class characters?

The original Paladins were the foremost warriors of Charlemagne’s court. But they have become something of a chivalrous stereotype in RPGs.

So, in theory, would it be a smart idea to have a Paladin-class character as a deacon or should the Paladin-class character be a layman? o:

As you might be able to tell, I always play Paladin. Also Final Fantasy IV is fantastic!

Just had to reply in support of “Final Fantasy IV is fantastic” :slight_smile:
Cecil used a sword, so yeah, sword.

So, can a deacon be a paladin and vice-versa? :slight_smile:

Deacons are Clergy and I don’t believe they can wield weapons.

Paladins are more like the Knights Templar. They are like a combination between clergy and knighthood. They are usually depicted as sword wielding warriors who have holy powers through the participation of a relationship with a deity. They usually have strong religious convictions or are sent on a mission by their deity. One of the abilities of paladins in D&D is lay on hands which heals a party members hp. Ability wise they are like the combination of a cleric and a warrior but in appearance they are more like Knights. As someone previously stated they are based on legendary figures in the court of Charlemagne, The song of Roland, or the Knights of the Round Table.

Playing it for the first time coincided with my reversion to the Church and my own eventual knighthood so it has a very special place in my heart.

Also to the OP I believe you should try this game as it will give you a better idea of a classic paladin.

I’ve finished playing FFIV and even Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on a GBA emulator months ago. :slight_smile:


Cecil Harvey uses a sword while FFTA paladins use a special type of one-handed sword known as a knightsword. :slight_smile:
It’s funny how Cecil used to be a Dark Knight.

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