GAMES: "assasin's creed"

well. my father got us a ps3 and a few games and one was the new ubisoft game “assasin’s creed” heres how the game plot goes (if your currently playing do not read further)

the game starts out in this futurissitc experiment where you acces the memeories of your ancestors, in this case a middle eastern memebr of an assains guildof some sort, well through out the game you “go back in time” to i beleive the second crusade and your are given missions to kill both corrupt chritians and corrupt musilm leaders who are after “the peace of eden” (its describeed as “temptation incarnate”) at the end there are a whole bunch insane plot twists that i wont get into right now. but i was just wondering what the catholic community thinks of the game in general?inthe game it is never stated that your a practicing muslim.

I actually bought this game for my son–who loves high action/futuristic games. Was told that it’s ‘thee best game of the century’ by the young guy at Target who assisted me. My son views all of these such games, and movies like Harry Potter as strictly make believe–he isn’t affected by any underlying plots that the games may have–if he was, we would not be buying any of these games. I have watched the on demand review of the game, and I’m ok with it. I do put time limits on these things, though…because all video games have an ‘addictive’ quality to them, and that is something I dislike about them. My son, thankfully, is active in sports–so the games are a side hobby during his down time, if he chooses, at home. I don’t believe that the game indicates that one is killing on behalf of religoin, though…to the best of my knowledge?

From what I know of the game, I haven’t played it yet, you’re a member of the Hashashin (the ‘‘assassin guild’’) that were quite powerful in the Holy land around the time of the Crusades. To be honest, its just a game, i doubt many kids are thinking ‘‘gotta kill those evil Christians’’ while they play, unless they happen to be mentally unhinged prior to playing.

Yes…it could be an opening however, for the devil to have an effect on a young mind…but again–my son has always viewed these games, as make believe. He likes the action and strategy of them, is the thing for him.

I think I’m going to pick that up myself, although the fact your trying to driving out the Crusaders kind of sucks. I mean Richard the Lionheart did utilize the Hashashin if I’m not mistaken, so why couldn’t you be driving out some other society…

On a side note, even though the main character works for an ultra zealous Muslim cult, he “isn’t religious”. Ah what is that!? Wju must popular culture find a way to suck religion from absolutely everything.

I should be getting this game next Tuesday :slight_smile: , but some of my friends already have it, and they told me the storyline, and I have to say that I am somewhat discouraged. Though you may be fighting both Muslims and Christians, I have heard that your main enemy is the Knights Templar, and they are coming after you in both the past and the future. Who im fighting doesnt really affect how I feel, I just like the free roaming capacity of the game and the time period/ setting.

I think I’ll pass on this game. Playing as a terrorist Mohammedan is not my cup of tea.

I’d rather play as a crusader knight who has to fight against Saracen and Seljuk hordes.

dont get me wrong the gameplay it self is phenominal!! beswt ive played in years, i was just curious as to the catholic communitys opinion on the story line. and personaly i was asomewhat dismayed to find that you playaas a muslim, but still lotso fun.

I told my son this last night, although he doesn’t think I have bought this for Christmas for him, and he is under the impression that the main character is not about this, at all?:confused:

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