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Hi, I'm new here! :)
I'm Lara, I'm Catholic and I'm an avid gamer.

I've been waiting for Dragon Age 2 (out today!) since I played Dragon Age: Origins some months ago. I even played the demo - which I liked - but there's something that has made me reconsider if I really want to buy it.
I've heard that Florence + the Machine are involved in the soundtrack, and well, I've never really listened to them, but I remember stumbling upon a couple of their videos on TV and they were full of... let's call it "disturbing" imagery, including a fake satanic ritual performed in what looked like an actual church.

Now, the fact that people like them are involved in the game really bothers me, and at the risk of sounding paranoid, I'd really like to get some advice. Do you think it's good/safe to play the game, or do you think I should stay away from it? Is anyone planning on playing it?

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Oh as far as playing it. I don’t really plan to… didn’t get into the first one that much but it looks cool.


I like to play games also. My favorite is Lord Of The Rings Online (LOTRO).

I thought of trying Dragon Age before. I decided against because of a number of questionable decisions on Bioware part. You can look them up if you wish.

In any case, you might want to consider that your conscience is talking to you. And letting you know something is not right, only to protect you of course. So you made some disturbing discoveries, they surely will lead to a known conclusion.

I would listen to my conscience.

LOTRO is free to play now! so come and visit!


Lara, I have a lot of a background with gaming and I was a fan of Dragon Age 1 long before it came out but at some point decided against buying the game or having anything to do with it because of similar reasons to what you mention. I'm not buying Dragon Age 2, either.

This is not to say the older roleplaying games were ideal. There has been a trend for years now to make roleplaying games darker, with more emphasis on death, evil and the occult, even though, to do them some justice, you generally had the option to be a good hero (though not always consistently, as some games required you to perform horribly evil acts even if you were playing a good character). The way I see it, there's a limit to saying, "this isn't I, this is my character only," at some point you just can't stand it any more (and that point may be after the actual point one should have quit). Maybe you've arrived at that point now.

I would say, spare yourself the worries and spare yourself the time and money wasted if you decide in the middle of the game play-through that you don't want it any more.

I haven't played Dragon Age 2 yet, but I'm thinking about it. I liked Dragon Age Origins because it dealt with issues like: God, Church, Faith, Friendship, and Moral choices. All wrapped up in a fight to save humanity from the scourge of evil. If DA2 followes this same formula, then I would play it. I know that there are a lot of things that are questionable, however, most of those are actually free choices and have consequences for them. There are other things that don't jibe with Christianity, but there are other things, sometimes intentionaly put in opposition to the first things, that are. I don't know if this might help or not, it's just my oppinion. May God bless you in your decisions.:)

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