Games - Is this Okay?

It’s not real anything about the game but it has this Diety that is like a God, I don’t believe in any of it but can I still play it? The game has nothing to do with the Diety but I don’t want to disobey God, is it alright still to play?

I suppose. Bt just dont get attached to it. In fact, dont get attached to ANY game? What game is it by the way?

When I was in high school, and even during college years, I used to play the Impression Games city builders - Pharaoh, Zeus, The Middle Kingdom etc. Each of the cities had a religion quota to fill - you had to build tempes, shrines and hold festivals for the gods of ancient Egypt/Greece/China. If you didn’t meet the quota, the gods would get angry and destroy crops, burn houses, bring plagues etc.

Of course I didn’t take this seriously - I thought it was all “harmless fun”. It did seem a weird thing to put in games aiming for realism, but it added to the challenge. I was barely religious at the time and didn’t think too much about it.

I would most certainly stay away from such games today.

I’m not sure if this is the case for the game you’re asking about. However, going back to the beginnings of popular video games, I can’t help but think that, with the possible exception of heavy metal music and horror films, they were the main driving force towards the normalization of the occult in our society. From Dizzy to Doom to Diablo 3, depictions of devil worship, black magic, paganism and the occult abound to such an extent that it makes me question the intent of the people making this stuff. Is it all just a bit of “harmless fun”? Postmodern irony? I highly doubt it.

Anyway, either stick to the sci-fi and medieval stuff, which is mostly safe, or better yet, get yourself a new hobby. Maybe you should use that time to get acquainted with the classics of universal literature, develop a (real) skill, do sports/outdoor activities, or learn to play an instrument.

You’ll regret very much all the time spent playing vidya when you’ll be older.


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