GAMES: "Mass Effect" - Your Thoughts?

In the recently released console game for Xbox, Mass Effect. There is a decently done sex scene. Depending on the version you have, different countries and apperently later releases have got more cut out. They may even bring out an X rated who knows, lol.

Anyway, there is one sex scene through the game. And one of the posibilities is sex with an alien errr woman (for aesthetic reasons her species looks feminine, but they are really non gender and only have a single gender, “Although asari have one gender, they are not asexual”)

If you play as a female character you can end up having an almost lesbian sex scene. Although not really.

Just intrested in the views of people on this inclusion in the game. Are alien romances acceptable?

:bigyikes: :bigyikes: :nope: :nope: :bigyikes: :bigyikes:
I don’t support any, interspecies relationships. On the hypothetical existence, of any trans-fertile space aliens, I would see it as just as wrong, perverse, sick and disordered, as having intercourse with a dog.

Out of curiosity were you drunk when you asked this?


A sex scene… In a video game… :shrug:

honestly. what’s the point?

Not in MY house!

Whatever happened to Pacman? Space Invaders? Pong?

Just do your best to skip over (or entirely avoid) that scene. Otherwise, it’s a great game.

The problem with role-playing games (I don’t know if that’s what this game is; the last RPG I played was Zelda: Windwaker, and I’m not much of a gamer) is that most of them turn out to be movies and you don’t have much of a choice of where the ‘plot’ of the game goes. How likely is it that people will be able to avoid this scene?

You have the option to actually BE a lesbian the way that the game is set up. So just avoid choosing certain circumstances that would cause for it happen. (It’s ironic that you can choose to be a lesbian in a video game, but it is completely different in real life.:shrug: ):slight_smile:

ewwww…but It’s an incredible game either way

I am so naive. I had no ideal that sex scenes were included in video games. Can’t you just play Tetris?

That is DEFINITELY something you need to stop playing. It is no different than porn; in fact it may be worse if you actually play a game where you are simulating sex, even worse you are chosing same sex encounters. It is corrupting your mind, spirit & soul even if you don’t think it is. You need to go to Confession and talk this over with a pries ASAP.

I have never been into video game even when I worked for the now defunct 3dfx. Some of the games they used for testing were just plain sick and they are getting even sicker.

Give me Zelda games anyday. Whats the point of having a sex scene in a video game? Or cussing for that matter.
I love video games, but i just don’t get this. It’s pointless.

Most pointless post ever made here?

Seriously, did you go out LOOKING for something bad in the game??.. Sheesh.

If you listen to that one Beatles album backwards, it tells people to kill themselves, or whatnot.

Oh I’m perfectly ok with it. I just wanted to see if people would react differently to alien sex than say a normal sex scene…

I guess the reaction is the same…

It’s not about it being alien sex vs human sex, it’s the whole point that they have any kind of sex scene in a video game. It stupid and there is no point to it whatsoever. It’s just giving into the perversion of human minds.

Well it makes sense though. It is a role playing game. There should be a sexual element to it. You can actually visit an Aasari courtesan but you have to be a prick (renagade options) to her to get her to give you more of a reward ;).

But to make out with the people on your crew you have to give good responses (paragon). But if you want to be a celibate you can choose that to.

I was really more for you know like real alien sex. I don’t see why you can’t do it with the Quarian tech specialist. "She"s femaleish, thousands of light years away from her colony, and teh intercourse would be way more wierd.

Your kidding right? I’ve played a number of role playing games, and sex would not have made sense in any of them. There does not have to be a sexual element in any kind of video game. You can rent a dirty movie or watch porn if thats what you want to see, but I wish they would leave it out of video games.
It’s immoral.

Your thousands of lightyears away from home, you have companions that you relate to well, your lonely and you fear death may be iminant. So you seek intimacy with one of them. That makes sense to me…

Role playing is just that you play the role of the character. Of course romance and intimacy are going to be apart of that characters life. It’s up to you to make the decisions you want to make. No ones forcing you into that sex scene. You choose it, if you don’t want to you don’t have to choose it.

Sex would have made sense in most RPGS, Chronotrigger, Final Fantasy (most of them), Arcanum, NWN, Jade Empire. Sex would have fit in fine depending on where the story went and how you could take it.

I’m sorry, call me a prude if you like (which i can tell you I’m not), but this is just giving in to societys obsession with sex and perversion.
I don’t need to see two animated charactors going at it on the tv.

I kind of see where you’re coming from. I have a young adult son whose friends are totally into video gaming, and my teen daughter still plays the SIMS when she’s on break from school and has time to burn.

I think SIMS is what started all the sex in video gaming anyway because there was a role playing game totally written around creating people, neighborhoods, relationships, and so on. At first characters just ‘connected’ with each other in that the little icon over the head and message on the love meter would register who is dating whom, so to speak, and before you knew it out popped a baby or two. But later on in the stream of add-ons came ‘whoopie’ where you actually get to choose a couple and direct them (man/woman, man/man, woman/woman) to make out or make whoopie. Next they’re buried under the covers so you see nothing, but when their heads get back to the pillow the fireworks go off and both characters are happy. A child results over time and the game grows. That was the entire point of SIMS, though, creating an alternate reality.

What you’re talking about in this thread is that same programming in this sci-fi scenario of a video game where so long as two characters breathe/move/seek relationships it’s the player’s choice as to how to write the story. I take it the relationship aspect is a side story, though, that the real point of the game is more action/strategy oriented??

I remember being surprised that programmers would even write that stuff into a video game, and more surprised that so many gamers actually find it entertaining, but I’ve noticed that most serious gamers don’t even go there with the story line. Even if the option is there, they prefer the action and plot of the overall game objective. The relationship stuff is fluff.

I remember my son’s friends giggling and laughing at the ridiculous setups they could create but that was when they were in high school and during the wee hours of the morning when they were punchy anyway. They played the scenarios once to see what the program allowed them to do and they never went back to those options again. Those who are still into gaming are stuck on StarCraft or CounterStrike. None of them seek out games just for the relationship aspect. Perhaps you’ll outgrow the novelty of it all too someday.

In the meantime, your profile doesn’t list you as a Catholic, so just keep in mind that you’re posting a question which has moral implications for the majority of members on this board. The question may seem innocent enough to you, but trust me, it is not - not for us Catholics. Sexual relations is a serious subject for us and anything which leads others to disrespect the nature of those relationships troubles us because it desensitizes society to the true beauty of God’s awesome gift to man. That you find mating aliens with people entertaining, intriguing, and ‘logically normal’ in a game is evidence that the gaming industry itself isn’t helping society much with regard to promoting the dignity of the human person.

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