Games rated M & other things on Sunday/Holy Days

I can’t tell if this is just my scrupulosity of a cold, but I’ve been worrying about this and trying to figure it out. I know that playing an M-rated game is in itself not a sin, but does it become one if you do so on a Sunday or Holy Day because of the “keeping the Sabbath holy”? I started worrying today after last Sunday I played a game called Xcom where you fight aliens with strategy and it’s rated M.

I know it sounds odd, but does doing something that wouldn’t be a sin on one day (such as the game and some other media) become a sin on those days?

No it’s not a sin, just as watching a rated R movie on a Sunday.

Don’t worry, be happy.

Rather than ask whether it’s a sin, why not ask whether it helps you do this:

CCC 2185 … refrain from engaging in work or activities that hinder the worship owed to God, the joy proper to the Lord’s Day, the performance of the works of mercy, and the appropriate relaxation of mind and body …

The phrase “the worship owed to God” could be taken in a very narrow sense (i.e. warming a pew at Holy Mass), but that would be legalistic. We should not only “attend Mass” but attend properly disposed, thus avoiding those things that would hinder such state of mind and heart. I think it’s also appropriate (if not strictly required) to be more prayerful and recollected on holy days, according to our state in life, though understandably this is not always possible.

I believe this is why his question arose:

CCC 2187 … With temperance and charity the faithful will see to it that they avoid the excesses and violence sometimes associated with popular leisure activities. …


That IS yes something to keep in mind!

I was going to post it but you beat me to it :slight_smile:

So… Don’t worry? Guessing it’s not a mortal sin.


(that is from the Catechism)

That IS yes something to keep in mind!

I was going to post it but you beat me to it :slight_smile:

(and one has to judge in terms too of the games/movies use themselves on other days…be it Monday or Tuesday etc (not all games or movies are good for one)…avoiding scruples of course …one can discuss with ones confessor)

Well now I’m worrying that ANY game involving fighting would be a sin to play on Sunday. Think I’m starting to worry more about this :confused:

I myself would avoid any violent games (I hear many are…I do not currently play any - no game system-so I cannot give my opinion on this game or that).

Not something to “worry about”- worry is not the way to go about things… but just simply and without scruple live Sunday and Holy Days as the days they are. Ones confessor can guide one -since you mention scruples.

And reading a good book would be good.:wink:

Well I was mainly playing Zelda earlier & it involves fighting monsters. I actually want to help my brother with a favor he asked for me to play on his profile in this dogfighting game today. I don’t think that in itself is a sin though.

This would seem to rule out even watching football on Sundays. And since the Super Bowl is always on a Sunday…

Seems like some overreaction going on here. I’ve played in many relaxing chess tournaments on Sundays; chess is nothing but capturing pieces and mating the king. Of course, chess, unlike many video games, can be reduced to pure math. Intense battle sequence rendering is pretty optional.

If I do play in a chess tournament, who here would have me morally take advantage of the official rule requiring a director to find a volunteer to push the clock and write down my moves when there is a sincere religious objection to doing so (since that might be considered work)? Does it matter if the volunteer is an atheist or not? The state chess championship is always a two-day weekend affair… Does my religion de facto prevent me from becoming state chess champion (only runner-up three times unfortunately)?

Today was actually pretty funny: I have a library book due today. Do I deliberately transgress the town ordinance about returning books on time (not to mention my duty of courtesy to the other patrons)? Or do I work on a holy day and return it (causing librarians to work perhaps)? According to certain recent posters on this forum from various threads, it sounds like I am in a catch-22 (not taking care of this yesterday no longer being a moral option).

It seems to me we have reasonable flexibility with laws and Sunday observance. There is no reason to flaunt either, but God made the Sabbath for man, not man for the Sabbath; same for local malum prohibitum laws passed by our politicians.

Returning books to the Library to going to the Library is not contrary to a Holy Day (unless your going there to have fist fight with the librarian or something).

First of all, we are not Jews, and we do not have a legalistic mindset about the nature of work on Sundays, whether it is creating a spark (turning on lights or the oven, or pressing a button on the elevator) or driving a car to the library. However, we are Christians by our baptism and we do not morph into different people six days out of the week. Therefore our moral observance should be held to certain standards regardless of whether or not it is Sunday. Surely many games rated “M” have content that would be problematic for any Christian. I can think of Grand Theft Auto in particular, where its extreme portrayals of violence, gangster life, prostitution, and other vices are simply not admissible to the Christian home. I would think it could be a point of discernment for each person whether a particular game were suitable for being played. If I had anger management/rage problems and I often got into physical fights, then I would question the wisdom of playing Mortal Kombat or some other game where my concupiscence was exercised in virtual form and rewarded. Since I personally struggle with sexual temptation and sin, I would not want to view pornography or any kind of media where women are degraded or immodest, because that is the kind of thing that would exercise my own concupiscence.

Once again, it doesn’t matter if it is Sunday or not, I consume the same media day-in and day-out, and I strive to ensure that almost all that media is wholesome and leads me both to personal holiness and glorification of God. I do grant myself some secular media on occasion but I am quick to tune out and turn off when it leads me to sin. If you are scrupulous then you have to work closely with your confessor about what is healthy for you. We cannot be arbiters of your moral compass through an anonymous Internet forum. Your pastor and confessor have that authority over you so listen to them in matters of conscience.

Oh, but I had to drive tediously on the way. And, oh, the librarians were there at least a tiny part on my behalf. Work on both our ends! Oh no!

Okay guys. Just talked to a priest about it. Pretty much if it isn’t a sin on Thursday then it doesn’t suddenly become one on Sunday.

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