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I thought I would mention the video game I recently played for Playstation 2 called “Indigo Prophecy” (aka Fahrenheit). Although the game involves some cult elements and sorcery and such, there is a theme throughout that is certainly Catholic. When these elements are projected, they are always done positively. One of the characters is even a priest. A Rosary is used in the game positively, as well as an icon of the Virgin and Child.

Not a bad game for mystery lovers either.

Anyone else know of video games that show Catholicism positively?

There’s Ragnarok Online… I used to play that when I was younger. You can choose a profession from a number of jobs as you gain more experience in the game, such as a knight, assassin, hunter, blacksmith, sage, etc. But you can also become a crusader, a priest, or a monk. Now, it’s not blatant Catholicism they’re portraying (e.g., women can be “priestesses” but when you see how they’re dressed, you realize that they’re just nuns), but you can tell that they took tons of elements from it. To become a priest, you have to enter the acolyte stages. The advantage of being an acolyte, priest, or high priest is that you can do tons of damage on undead/demon monsters. I thought that it was cool that some of the spells used were the names of Catholic prayers and rituals in Latin (e.g. Magnificat, Signum Crucis, Angelus, Impositio Manus, etc.). Even the cathedrals and chapels in the game have a picture of the Madonna and child.

I wonder if it’s a bit confusing for those who aren’t familiar with Catholicism. Our prayers are NOT spells, women are NOT priests, and our priests and nuns shouldn’t be dressed like this:


It’s a fun game, I admit. But it’s way too addictive and many members of the online community there are quite rude, just like in most online communities…

The Castlevania games, the early ones at least. The later ones are a bit darker although Aria of Sorrow does have the Church involved as an organization that opposes evil.

The early Castlevanias have scenes positive to Catholicism, like Castlevania 3 starts out with Trevor Belmont praying in a church before he sets out to destroy Dracula. The other Belmonts in the other games use Christian items/sacramentals as usable items against monsters. (Cross, Holy Water, Bible)

Unfortunately, the current director of Castlevania, IGA, isn’t as generous towards Catholicism as his predecessors were. The newest installment, Castlevania X Chronicles: Rondo of Blood for the PSP has Richter Belmont saving certain maidens from Dracula’s clutches. One of them is a nun named Tera. Upon seeing Richter, she calls him “the Lord God” and promptly tries to worship him in a typical stereotypical mockery of Catholic devotion. If his sidekick Maria rescues her, Terra calls her “The Virgin Mary.” I don’t understand why this was done especially since the original Rondo of Blood (included also) had no such ridiculous lines.

Except for this part, CVX is generally favorable towards Catholicism. The music is definitely Christian with a hymn (can’t identify it though) used as the menu theme and the credits song very uplifiting.

My kids have been playing Medieval Total War. It is amusing to hear them talk about going to war against the heretics and not attacking the papal states lest they get excommunicated. :smiley: They get to reinvent history so it isn’t necessarily portraying an accurate view of the Crusades, for example, but it is fun and has a Catholic “flavor”.

My son is a video hames enthusiast–I should encourage him to check this one out. I wonder if GameStop has it?:confused:


Your initial reaction is better than mine. I was screaming “BLASPHEMY!!!” at the top of my lungs and into the ear of the friend who introduced me to the game.

… Of course, me being myself, when I played the game, I wanted to retain my Catholic identity in the game, so I decided to choose the job of the nun. While it was fun and all, I still complained over the character design and the fact that they used “Priest” for what should have been “Nun.”

Well, if you want a text-based thing there’s Quaque Nocte over on LiveJournal. It’s all survival horror vampires and werewolves and things that go bump in the night, but the monster slayer characters all worship the God of Abraham, and that is the only thing that has power over monsters (and from what I’ve noticed, said characters tend to be Catholics). You can come play with my friends and I!

Just an FYI - the game is rated “M” for mature, and narrowly missed getting the dreaded “AO” (adults only) rating for a sex scene (which was removed AFAIK).

I haven’t played the game myself, but I’ve heard many great things about it…maybe I’ll find it in a bargain bin at gamestop one day :smiley:

Indeed whatevergirl…this game IS NOT FOR KIDS!!! I should have been clearer about it. It has significant violence and even sex. I guess I was just so amazed by the pro-Catholic parts, I forgot to mention that. Sorry. :blush:

I don’t know… personally I kinda wish it was more like that. :blush:
In fact, I often daydream of travelling with a Priestess. An adventurous life like that sounds so fun and exciting. :o

I mean sure they’re outfits aren’t exactly modest but I find it more modest compared to the other Job Classes (coughDancercough).

You wish there were priestesses for real? Or just as part of a fantasy game??

More of ‘I wish I could a life like the one in that fantasy game’ :o (You know with the whole fighting demons, going on quests, having amazing abilities, and other crazy stuff like that. :blush: )

Hey, someone’s got to stay home and bake the lembas. :wink:

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