GAMING: Acceptable Online Co-op Titles

Hey everyone,

Been trying out a few online games to share with some of my less religiously minded friends, but I continue to run into issues with heavy demonic or other immoral themes, unnecessary violence, and generally unfruitful game play (Of course time with friends is good, but other than that). I also only have a PC which is soon to become incapable of playing newer games.

So I thought I’d pose the question to see what people here might think.

What I’m looking for is some kind of cooperative or group play style online game that doesn’t rely too heavily on demonic themes or overtly evil/negative plot development. FPS, RPG, and RTS are all types that my friends and I enjoy. Ideally, I would love a game with some kind of co-op campaign that can be played online. The richer the story and better the character development, the better the interest on my end. The better the combat system and graphics, the more interest on my friends’ end.

One example of a great game was the Halo series, which we have beaten together, all of them. It worked because it was about defense, had a pretty clear sense of right and wrong, and wasn’t filled with sex, demons, or too much generally immoral behavior.

Games with variable development and free moral choice by the player are great so long as they don’t punish players for choosing morally defensible actions or sticking to the good (or light) side.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,

I’m not 100% familiar with all that’s out there so these suggestions might not be that great, but

as far as RTS if you want non-violence you can try sid meier’s railroads… its pretty fun and you might be able to get it at a discount.

Shadowgrounds survivor does local LAN co-op, and I know there is a program you can get where you add others as ‘friends’ and then it fakes a lan connection with those people.

I believe there is a free add-on for half life 2 called synergy which allows you to play the campaign co-op.

I found this web page which might help:

It outlines a lot of co-op games. I myself love co-op but have no one to play with so if you need another member sometime just let me know.

Warcraft? The Battlefield games? Lord of the Rings Online?

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