GAMING: Any Diablo fans here?

I used to play Diablo 2 a lot years ago. My favorite classes were Necromancer, Druid, and Paladin. I didn’t play Diablo 1 much, but I’ve been thinking of trying it again sometime soon.

Blizzard just recently bought the domain from a person who had been hanging on to it. No official announcement has been made, but there is speculation that they will be releasing some type of sequel to the Diablo series soon.

Maybe they’ll release it after Starcraft 2. Then again, Blizzard have been known to cancel things before, like Starcraft Ghost.

A guy I worked with played the first one. He brought it in and at lunch a couple of us would play and occasionally after work. We got to the point where we finished it.

We got 2 when it came out and played a bit but life got busier and that was the end of that.

I thought many moons ago I got into Diablo 3 beta testing or something. But if I recall it was only 1 level. I thought it came out but my brother said it never did.

I used to play it quite a bit. D2 is a great game, but so is D1. Blizzard makes the best games out there. I may have to get back on Battlenet later tonight.

Ah, the memories, and HOURS of playtime, LOL. Yes, my wife and I used to spend many an evening on the home LAN in the world of Diablo II. I love that game and am seriously hoping a 3rd rendition is released at some point!

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