GAMING: Any Warcraft Players - creating a Catholic guild

I was wondering if any of you play World of Warcraft. I am trying to create a Catholic Guild. It would be nice to play with people from the same Creed. Unfortunately I haven’t found many people on my server to sign up.

There are so many servers that it’s tough to locate people. But, I am on Bleeding Hollow Server (pvp). If you play, you are welcome to create a new character and participate in the guild. I have a 64 pally on there and can help with Instances, etc.

Well, that’s all. If anyone is interested please reply here. Thanks.

Hmm, now that sounds interesting. I quit playing wow because so many of the players on there were complete jerks etc…

I think it would be very kewl to play with fellow catholics etc…

if you get enough responses just email me you get my email address from my profile.

Well I got more in-game support with a “Christian” guild, but still not many people. It is created if anyone is interested.

I had to give it up and I’m afraid to ever start again. They need a quit hotline for that game.

Warcraft Anonymous

I haven’t played WoW, but they need that for Puzzle Pirates too. Don’t start.

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