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I was wondering if some of you likes to play games. Because we have started a project to do evangelization on the internet by the intermediate of online games. Sincerely, we helped many people to get closer to God while playing an online game. What we do, it is that we make a catholic group wearing a catholic name into the online game and we make a website too for the group for that people can visit it. We put catholic things on the website and we share the faith between the members through the forum and even we can organize prayers and Bible study through software where we can talk with a microphone. People sees that there is people putting their faith at the center of everything they do, even playing a game. That makes a good testimony. Whenever I play, I am able to talk about God with other players surprised about our undertaking, or even I engage many discussion with people persecuting the catholic faith. A guy even thought about being baptize, another returned to the faith… The world thirst for God. More and more, video games take a great place in the lives of teenagers and adults.

We have a group on World of Warcraft, we are present on actually 2 servers and we make friends with other catholics or people open to the catholic faith. We have fun, and it is an opportunity to share about the catholic faith, our treasure. Everyone can visit our website, even non-believers that see us because of the game they play.

You can visit , the website of the Knights of Mount Carmel present on World of Warcraft. Also, the website of the Knights of the Gospel will be soon ready which is on an another server (Thorium Brotherhood). We want to regroup all catholics and other christians that play games to a catholic gaming community, where we’ll be able to discover the truth and the beauty of the only faith in communion with the Holy Father, while making friends, doing evangelization and having fun at the same time.

God bless you


Too funny. Glad you mention World of Warcraft b/c that is my husband’s alltime fave. He and his buddies who live several hours away keep in touch thru this game. Keep an eye out for their guild ‘Exalted.’ He is a fallen away Catholic and his friends are Non-Denom.

Hey, Francois!

I don’t play WoW myself, but will throw in a prayer for you and your guild. Fight the good fight!


Great idea!

Been meaning to get the game “Tabula Rasa” by Richard Garriott. It’s another MMORPG and on sale right now for only 15 bucks in Gamestop. If I get it and go online I’ll follow your lead and start a Catholic Clan to spread the good news online.

That is amazing, I may have to join, what realms are you on?

The catholic guild that I built with other people is on Thorium Brotherhood server it is called Knights of the Gospel. My character name is Franck. Another great catholic guild called Knights of Mount Carmel is on Thunderhorn server . Both guild are working together. You can visit their website at We are planing to have our website as well for the Knights of the Gospel on Thorium Brotherhood server.

We plan also to have a website regrouping all catholic groups for the different games, it would be the catholic gaming portal ;). Sharing apologetics, discussion about games, event, cathechism, testimonies ect, at the serving of the Holy Father.

We need your prayers for sure

God bless

if you ever play ps2: we play alot of ‘socom: navy seals’ games online via the playstation. so, i’m game (pardon the pun) - keep an eye out for:
HELLS…ANGEL (name comes from his dad in WW2 - not from the biker club :P)
no clue what world of warcraft is though, sorry!

Nice, there is always possibility to make catholic groups in an online games with the help of a website as well for console. Just the fact to share a hobby with other catholics is something nice and the possibility to make know more to others about the faith. It’s good to know the game you play, we plan to do the website soon, that would regroup every games and guilds where you’ll be able to talk with other catholics on forum, and to play with them as well ;). We had yet a really nice experience with World of Warcraft.

God bless


You don’t play Horde, RIGHT?

Anyways, I am glad to hear that there are some Christian guilds on WoW. If you ever start one on Stonemaul, let me know!

I don’t play WoW but I do play Guild Wars. I also play many other games in real life (board, card, etc).

There’s a reason it’s so cheap. :frowning:

I’m a gamer, but only do single player games

I’ve recently gotten hooked on Lord of the Rings Online, which given the Catholic background of the books has some great potential for evangelization.

The game even has a hope/dread dynamic, where the amount of hope your character has effects how much damage they take and how fast their health regenerates.

Once I’m a bit more savvy in the MMO world I might try to start a Catholic Kinship for LOTRO.

Keep up the good work!

Cool idea, Frank. Are you guys a raiding guild?

Hi everyone,

For now our guild is not raiding since we would need more level 70s in World of Warcraft. We are now 65 members and there is a good spirit in the guild we are helping each other and strengthen each other in the faith.

I think that having a website where every catholics could discuss about their game with other catholics would be great, even though the game would not be an online game.

God bless

Very glad you’re doing that. I’ve had a “dream” that a large collection of “Catholic Gamers™” would create a MMORPG game, or have one “modified”, which would allow for “combat, industry and commerce” while having a mechanism for “enforcable anti-sociopathic ethical behavior” within it.

I have some interesting ideas for “tweaking” a game like Eve-Online, or perhaps even WoW, such that one’s “ethical-behavior-based affiliation” (aka “club”, “society” or religion) has actual game mechanical effects.

I “wrote up” (as it were) some info concerning my “concepts” and posted them here: (I’m uPaewirupu) …“uPaewirupu” being my invented “language” version of the word “Catholic”.

(( I also have another version of this here. ))

This is a “quicky” version of the above “blogged” info:

There would have to be tracking of:
*) Ship kills and pod kills of:
----- “the innocent” (a big time ‘mortal sin’, but ‘venial’ if an ‘evil’ religion)
----- “attackers (of you)” (not usually a ‘sin’)
----- “fellow-religionists in opposing corps (generally a ‘mortal sin’)”
----- "NPC’s (generally a ‘venial sin’)
*) One’s Current “Holiness”,… gained by (ascending order of efficiency downward):
----- Offline “Prayer” (“skill” training)
----- Online "Prayer (“skill” training)
----- Martyrdom by Ship-kill (Christian meaning of “martyrdom”!)
----- Charity toward other players (ISK giving)
----- Attending “Sacraments” (being AT in-game GROUP activities)
----- Martyrdom by Pod-killing
----- Receiving “Sacraments” (being “not in mortal sin” at "sacramental activities)
----- ----- “Sin forgiveness” achieved by “official” admission of “sin”, “penitence” by some act of “giving” (with “bonuses” for giving to the actual person “harmed”), and “absolution” by those “trained” to do so.
----- Assisting WITH “Sacraments” (having been trained to do so)
----- Administering “Sacraments” (having been trained AND sufficiently “HOLY” to do so)

ALSO, one’s “Max-Holiness” and “Min-Holiness” stat, and perhaps an entire “Holiness Curve” (“stock-market” record of one’s “holiness history”) might be do-able. (( Wouldn’t some “long-term” accountability" be a LOVELY thing to have to “worry about” when dealing with potential future “employers”? ))

The “Types” of religions (in descending order of “Initial Potential”) :
----1 “THE One God” religion with a single player as utterly dedicated head (veritably game-owner controlled but “run” by a VERY dedicated player)
----2 A “One god” (monotheistic) religion
----3 A “Single god opposing other peoples’ gods” religion (“Nationalistic”/“Racial”/Corp-istic polytheism)
----4 A “Many gods to choose from” religion (internally factional p’theism)
----5 A “God who doesn’t interfere” religion (“Deist”)
----6 An “Agnostic” religion
----7 An “Atheistic” religion (essentially NO religion)

The “Higher Initial Potential” religion-types are more difficult to “work into” high-power effectiveness, by requiring more population, more density (fervor/dedication/“holiness” of each member), and more TIME to “train”, but they are MUCH more “potent” when they reach/approach the “higher levels” of their “full effect”.

The “effects” that adherents gain by “faithful membership” are better combat (offensive and defensive, but “probablistic” in nature, such that you can’t absolutely “count on” divine help) and market-manipulation effectiveness.

Their relative levels of “Initial Potential” (power) is (something like):
Type 1: 25
Type 2: 10
Type 3: 8
Type 4: 6
Type 5: 4
Type 6: 2
Type 7: 1

Anyway, any thoughts? :slight_smile:

Alas I do not play WoW. My wife is nuts about the game, but I’ve given it a shot and it bores me to tears.:o I do, however, play Dungeons and Dragons Online as I love the quest structure, the puzzles and I’m just familiar with the milieu. I played LOTRO for a little bit, but if you want to get anywhere in it you have to play a lot like in WoW. I just don’t have that kind of time to commit to a game nor do I want to spend that much time playing. DDO is perfect if you want to play one night a week. We treat it like a real, weekly D&D group and for that it is perfect.:thumbsup: I do use a virtual tabletop called Fantasy Grounds II to play Call of Cthulhu (a pen-and-paper RPG) once a week. You’d be surprised how many Christians generally and Catholics specifically there are who play D&D and other RPG’s. I’ve gamed with several and it always seems to put a sly grin on the faces of others when they find out that I’m a practicing Catholic, “Oh…so some of you guys are cool?” However cool you can be pretending to be a dwarf with 18 Strength anyway.:nerd:

Good luck with your guild!:thumbsup:

I’ve played WoW since release, I’m actually a raid officer in a large guild on our server :blush: Been on brake for a couple weeks tho know. Needs WoTLK plskkthxbbq

I’ve always had mixed emotions about evangelizing in a game. I mean if someone asks, I’ll talk to them about what I believe but I don’t think its productive to spam Shatt or guild chat with the Good News. The guild I’m in actual has pretty stick rules on religious/political debates (as in don’t do it, on the forums or guild chat) but I have gotten in a couple interesting conversations over the last couple years in tells with people.

Wow, having some of your experiences and interest is really interesting. Actually, we don’t preach the good news on public channel because we could be reported to blizzard employees. What we do, it is that in our recruitment message, we simply put that we are a guild that share the christian faith, the only one that gave us the Church. And the name of our guild “Knights of the Gospel” talks as well. That is enough to form a catholic guild, though not everyone is a practicing catholic or even catholic. But it gives good fruits, we have sometimes discussion about the faith in the guild chat, and we can talk to other people why we are catholics.

I know we could make something good, we would just need a website for everyone to share their experience, to chat about the game they play, to ask for advices, to learn about the catholic faith and to regroup all the catholic guilds of different games. The goal is just to pursue the mission Christ gave us by the intermediate of a game and as well to make catholic friends. That’s an idea of an apostolate we could all make (those who play games or not) for the Church ;).

Just to share you an experience, a young teenager really found a place to confide what he lived by chatting with a catholic. That is an exemple. And becoming friends, he is getting to know more about the catholic faith and takes confidence in living his faith.

God bless

François Tremblay

US or EU server? and what name and faction? I might have missed it before. I’d probably roll an alt for some place to… avoid in game responsibility on LOL :wink:

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