GAMING: Dante's inferno for XBOX 360

in a way am exited that a story by a Catholic monk is gonna be turned into a very good looking game BUT i’ve been hearing alot of protestants protesting (no pun intended) this game, what do Catholics think about this?


The initial protests were actually fake. I don’t know if any real protests followed, but the buzz began because EA hired actors to pose as evangelical christians to protest their own game… to generate more hype. Pretty sad, isn’t it?

What’s sadder is that it’s for the friggin’ Xbox. -.-;;

lol… i didnt know that, thats funny :thumbsup:

lol…is for both ps3 and xbox

Oh really? YAY!!! XD
Now all I need is enough money for a PS3. :o

lol… am an xbox man
PS. i just made you my friend on deviant art :thumbsup:

Also, I’d like to point out that Dante Alighieri wasn’t a monk. He was a Florentine writer, mostly remembered for the Divina Comedia, which includes not only Inferno, but also Purgatorio and Paridiso. I recommend everyone check it out.

i didnt know that :thumbsup:

meh, ive looked into it as a “protestant” and i see no over all issue with it.
since its loosely based on a poem that loosely based on Christian ideologies.

but i do respect the deep, artistic creativity put into the project. hell looks truly miserable and full of anguish.
yet at the same time it is visually stunning.
most of the ideas that occur in the game don’t match up with hardly any Scriptural teachings which the same can be said of the poem.
it may match up with Catholic ideologies but not Biblically accurate ones. :whistle:

still looks very interesting and entertaining.

The protest thing was actually a publicity stunt by EA. They later admitted that it was a stunt, thereby gaining more publicity. After that, a couple of (and I mean, I know of no more than 2- and minor ones at that) Catholic bloggers wrote briefly on the story, and their articles were mined for quotes for another article with a title something along the lines of “fake protest leads to real backlash.” In other words, EA got a lot of mileage out of the protest.

I probably wouldn’t buy the game, even if not for that publicity stunt- EA is not known in the gaming community for making high-quality products, and the interpretation of Dante’s work is likely to be anything but faithful to the original story (and from what I’ve seen and heard, that is the case). They have to make it acceptable to a modern audience, after all (which means unacceptable in decent company).

Well hopefully the game will inspire some people to open up a Bible, if not Dante’s work.

the game looks terrible in my opinion. If it was an adventure game with actual morals and a true to the book story (sort of like Myst I suppose) then I would be all for this game. But as it stands, it looks like a really lame, very very graphic beat-em-up game. Based on the screenshots I saw it seems it will be nothing but gratuitous violence against horrificly malformed (and apparently often naked based on a few of the screenshots) demonic things.

This is of course just my opinion, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up for this game.

Originaly I had no interest in the game, (except for a little curiosity about the Christian theme).

But after seeing a video with some developers commentary I’m totally gonna check it out when it comes out.

the game isn’t completely based on the novel, but only the theme of Inferno

the game is more God of War. but God of War is themed after Greek Mythology, Inferno will be more based on the Christian concept of Hell based on Dante’s work.

Dante in the video game is a Crusader who’s out to rescue Beatrice from hell. those who read Inferno knows that this is not the story

i wonder, will Lucifer be the final boss?

I was talking to an EA executive about the project, he made it sound like they were playing fast and loose with both the original plot of Dante’s poem as well as Christian theology, which is no surprise.

Did you bring some better bait for later use:) I’m sure among the demons in this game will be some female ones with massive breats, it been a console game aimed mainly at adolscent boys after all… What’s that you’re saying, no I’m not cynical at all.

I eagerly await the 2nd and 3rd games in the series.

I have an Xbox 360 which I use less and less as time goes on, Fallout 3 is the only game I’ve been playing on it much and on balance I think even that (which is one of the better games on the machine)is a curate’s egg of a game in comparision to Fallout 1 and 2 (we shan’t mention the atrocitiy that is Fallout:Brotherhood of Steel).

If it's any indication on how EA is handling the subject material, the player gets awarded for slaughtering unbaptized infants.

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