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Anybody else pick this up? So far it seems to be a great game in almost every way. I say almost, because it seems clear from the dialogue choices that the game’s authors find atheism to be the only legitimate choice. For a game in which religion plays such a central part, it seems the primary way the player can interact with it is criticism.

I intend to pick it up since it’s from the makers of Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights, both of which I loved and played the heck out of (I hate to think how many hours I spent online on NWN, and I would still be playing it if there were any good servers with a decent playerbase around).

I’m about 7 hours in, and it’s fantastic. I love how the combat just blossoms into a complex, tactical experience once you’re past the very beginning parts (basically once I got a mage in my party). IGN UK called it “angry man’s chess,” I think that fits.

For anybody who hasn’t picked it up yet, and has a choice between PC and console, go with the PC. The top down view for combat is invaluable (plus it’s shinier, though that of course is secondary).

What worries me is Bioware’s obsession with sex (because I see no real point for it in their games).

Mass Effect started the trend and this game continues it. It’s nothing overly explicit (underwear on), but from all accounts it’s pointless and adds nothing to the narrative. Not to mention you can (being a male character) engage in sex with another man. That says a lot.

I’ll be surprised the day I see a game do religion justice, even if subtly. I don’t see Bioware ever doing that though, judging from their records thus far. The closest they ever came to “moral goodness” was Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, but that wasn’t an original franchise (obviously).

If you can take the game for what it is, the PC version is the way to go if it can handle it.

Hey all. This is my first post.

I’m contemplating getting this game, but i’m concerned about the sexual content. Like most of the ingame dialogue, is such an interaction an option, or is it part of the storyline.

Also, speaking generally here, i am wondering if you think game like this oppose are beliefs, or can be harmful to the soul?

Peace & God Bless,

It’s entirely optional. I encourage you to get it as fast as you can.

You have to actively pursue the sex stuff to make it happen.

This game includes far more moral choices than any other I’ve played. There were a few times where I just had to sit back and think for a minute to decide which course of action was the right thing to do. There are significant consequences to these decisions, too. For example, on at least two occassions, making the moral choice will cause a member of your party to abandon you. On the other hand, the same thing can happen if you make some very evil decisions.

Cheers for he replies guys. And what do you all think generally about violent game. Do you think they can affect are conscience?
Because i am inclined to no longer play games like CoD Modern Warfare for the fact that violence like that happens today, and its not something that i think should be enjoyed virtual - even though it is so fun!

It can in some cases but it depends on the person.

If you watch or play something that you can see or feel affecting you by drawing you away from Him, then definitely avoid it. If you can enjoy something for the simple distraction that it is then it shouldn’t pose a problem.

Hello everyone,
I’m new here. :slight_smile:

I love BioWare games and I’m planning on getting Dragon Age:Origins, but I’m worried about some elements it may contain.

First of all, I know romances are optional, but what about sex within a romance? Is it possible to pursue a romantic relationship without ever having sex? Can you turn down a sex offer from your love interest without ending the romance?

I’m asking this because for me romance is one of the most interesting aspects in BioWare games, but I don’t like to have a sex scene “forced” on me if I choose to have a love interest. (cough Mass Effect cough)

Then, I read in the first posts that the game seems to have a biased attitude towards religion. Is religion never portrayed in a positive way? Can’t you, for example, play as a “devout” character?

p.s.: please forgive my bad English, I’m Italian:blush:

I never noticed anything that really portrayed religion in such a bad light. There are certainly some ‘devout’ characters around, and you have the options in most dialogues to be one of them, though considering I am a Dwarf I tend to stick with ancestor worship :wink:
The romances can be pursued without having a ‘love’ scene, but only to a certain extent. And then you can always skip it if you end up with it, too.

Thanks for your reply! I appreciate thought-provoking games where different points of view emerge… I still don’t know what my character will be like, but I’m glad to hear that at least I’m free to choose. :slight_smile:

“to a certain extent”? So, it is as I feared… “not now, please” = end of the romance. Sigh. I hoped my character could “skip” that part too, but well, if I don’t have to watch… that’s already something. :smiley:

Oh, playing as a Dwarf must be fun. I’m still undecided about my first playthrough, I don’t know if I want to be a Magi, a Dalish Elf or a Dwarf Commoner.:smiley:

Hey Sabby. I’ve only played through the human noble and city elf origins, but I would really encourage you to try out the city elf in particular. It has a very compelling story concerning primae noctis (no sex, don’t worry). The human noble is…less original, unfortunately.

I can only speak about the romance option between a female PC and the main male love interest (who I can name if you want, but I don’t want to spoil it for you if you’d rather be surprised- it’s pretty obvious early on who it is though :stuck_out_tongue: ) There are multiple romance options for both male and female characters (some, unfortunately, not heterosexual- but it is easy to deflect that kind of interest, at least if your character is female- again, can’t speak for males). At some point, once his approval of your character reaches a certain level and your character has expressed romantic interest, the option will open up in the player-initiated dialogue to invite him to spend the night. It is entirely optional and you never have to select that option- moreover, I understand from the game’s message forums that he will not accept just because the option is present (it’s apparently contingent on approval rating.) If you wait long enough and his approval goes high enough and certain plot-related events happen, he will proposition your character himself. You can still turn him down- either abruptly or gently, as you prefer :stuck_out_tongue: - and letting him down gently does not appear to break the romance. His approval will drop a few points, but if it was high enough for him to ask in the first place, he remains your character’s romantic interest, keeps the same player-initiated dialogue options, etc. and the approval can easily be restored through certain dialogue options & giving gifts. So far as I know, he will not bring it up again, either. I have not finished my first play-through to be able to tell you how it pans out after that but it does appear it is possible to play out the romance without having your character sleep with him.

And yes, all cut scenes can easily be skipped by making good use of your escape key, so you are never in any danger of having smutty CGI forced on you no matter what your character chooses. :thumbsup:

I’m asking this because for me romance is one of the most interesting aspects in BioWare games, but I don’t like to have a sex scene “forced” on me if I choose to have a love interest. (cough Mass Effect cough)

I feel the same way. I did not play Mass Effect, though.

Then, I read in the first posts that the game seems to have a biased attitude towards religion. Is religion never portrayed in a positive way? Can’t you, for example, play as a “devout” character?

There are non-player characters who are, uh, not religious (Morrigan comes to mind as being the closest thing to a devout atheist, heh heh). Sten is another one who is not too keen on the predominant religion- but then, he isn’t human, either.There are characters who are (Leilana or however you spell it). Your character can mock/make fun of/humor the religious, or agree with them! There are plenty of instances where a player character can be pious in how they respond to certain things (such as a prayer for the dead in one part of the game- don’t want to give spoilers though). Ultimately the option is there to go either way or somewhere in between. I think some people get very upset that there is a choice to be someone who is mocking and clearly disbelieving of the main religion depicted in the game, but I have yet to see anything where I felt my character was required to be disrespectful or skeptical of a religion by the dialogue options or whatever. Maybe I just wasn’t looking for it and so didn’t see it, but I don’t feel that the game advocates atheism or penalizes a character who does not go along with that mindset. If you are very sensitive on the subject, you would probably find things that would disturb your sensibilities on the subject, but that is true of a lot of things.

In general though- All in all, I have been enjoying this game so far. I’m probably about three-quarters of the way through at this point in time. The moral complexity behind some of the choices my character has to make is just mind boggling. I think this is the first rpg I have played where I have had to stop and think it over, with no clearly obvious “good or evil” choice being presented. It is an interesting mental exercise. I will say I still have some reservations, because it is clear to me also that choosing the “morally best” (though still not necessarily entirely correct) response does not actually always get you the “good” response in the game. Sometimes there may not even really BE a “good” response. I’m interested to see how all that works out in the ending before giving a final opinion on it. Definitely a game for grown-ups though, and I don’t mean because of the sexuality or occasional scantily clad female character. (Just recently finished recruiting the dwarves- those of you who have played that far will know what I’m referring to! One of the CREEPIEST scenes I have ever encountered in a video game, period.)

I’m an avid gamer\RPG nut, and I just picked this up the other night. (For $19.99 no less by trading in two qualifying games at my local Gamestop). :slight_smile:

I’m just past becoming a grey warden, and so far, I am absolutely loving this game. I’ve played all the Bioware stuff in the past, favorite being the Baldur’s Gate series. (A den of STINKING EVIL!!! Cover your nose Boo, we will leave no crevis untouched)!!! :smiley: (If you get that one, your a fan too, LOL).

Anyway, regrading the sex stuff, I generally bypass any of this in games. I don’t feel it adds anything, and frankly, it’s silly. Doesn’t bother me, but eh, I don’t really “get it” I guess.

Now, the only other problem I have is I also picked up the God of War Collection on that same night! Never played them, and wanted to play one and two before 3 comes out in the spring. Not enough hours in the day for all that; especially with work, wife and two kids! :smiley:

[quote=“logic_oriented”]Hey Sabby. I’ve only played through the human noble and city elf origins, but I would really encourage you to try out the city elf in particular. It has a very compelling story concerning primae noctis (no sex, don’t worry). The human noble is…less original, unfortunately.

Thanks! I don’t know why, I hadn’t even taken that origin into consideration:p., but I think I’ll follow your advice!

Pray4Life: thanks a lot for your detailed post! Don’t worry, I know who you’re talking about:p, he’s the one I’m going to romance with my first character :thumbsup: I haven’t even bought the game yet, but I’ve taken a look at the character profiles on the official site and he looks like an interesting character.

As for religion, I’m not troubled by the presence of different world views, quite the contrary, I think it can be interesting if it’s done in a proper way… as long as religion isn’t universally portrayed as the worst evil of humanity and there’s room for opinion, I’m fine with it.

Yeah, from what I read morality in this game seems to be not as clear-cut as it was in, say, KotOR… but as you said, it can be a good exercise. Even in the real world, the “moral” choice often isn’t the most rewarding one from a purely mundane point of view (though it surely helps live a better and deeper life even in this world:)). Anyway, I’ll be curious to read your impressions when you have finished the game.

It a really good game. I’ve played through it a bit now, and my party has come to a nice chance. Theres so many oppurtunities where i regret what i’ve said because it seems they could have potentially amounted in me getting another party member. Ah well. The game is really panning out nicely, and the environments are stunning.
I find myself doing alot of Reading for the sake of getting into the plot. The codex section of the Journal is great for topping up on your lore of Ferelden. Some character’s Really don’t like the way I act - Morrigan literally hates me, Which is annoying as she’s my only mage. But ah well, i’ll find a replacement at some point hopefully.

I do play it too much though.
A recommended buy.

Peace, & may the Maker, err, I mean God Cough bless you all!

just got it … so far so good!


I’m on my first playthrough as a female City Elf. Thanks again logic_oriented, I enjoyed the origin story a lot. :slight_smile:

Kierandriver: you’re not the only one who’s having trouble with Morrigan. I shower her with gifts, but her approval rating never goes beyond “neutral” (and most of the time it’s much lower:p).

By the way, having Morrigan and Alistair in the same party is great. Morrigan disapproves of almost everything I do, but the banter between them is priceless.:smiley:

Yeh, Alistair likes me alot actually. I have realized that Morrigans approval rating of me is -59 … I guess that’s pretty bad! Though she did give me a kiss once when i gave her some book

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