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For my fellow gamers among the ranks here has anyone else played the latest chapter in the Fallout saga yet? I have to say it’s a site better than that piece of odious rubbish that was Fallout:Brotherhood of Steel (one of the worst games ever conceived).

I’d give it about 8/10 so far if I was reviewing it - it maintains a lot of the atmsophere of the earlier games but at times the combat feels a bit too much like Oblivion (thought there’s no suprise in that mind you.) and a bit too FPS. While I accept we could never have expected an isometric Balder’s gate type game in this era the change isn’t always as smooth as it could be. I do salute them though for not chickening out and making the world a kiddie friendly place - there’s still the same dark tone as in the earlier games.

Really looking forward to getting this for my PS3. At least then I wouldn’t have to worry about DRM or tweaking the settings for it to run on my laptop (Oblivion runs fine in my laptop though).

Currently replaying through Fallouts 1 and 2 in preparation for it.

We can’t give it a play just yet, but our new computer is just about built and we’ll be toting it up here after Thanksgiving, yay! (A close friend of ours with a little more experience at finding good, inexpensive parts is assembling it - she’s such a dear, must find a nice present or take her out to a fine feast or something).

And then, you bet we’ll make a beeline to Fallout3, since we’re both pretty big fans of Bethsoft’s work. Oh, and Mirdath can finally play Oblivion too, although I already know that one isn’t as good as Morrowind and we’ll likely mod it up a bit. Now, the wait for the next ES game begins…:smiley:

Im playing it on the xbox 360 - I used to homebuild my own pcs but I find the xbox easier for games as there is no fumbling around with drivers that won’t work etc. etc.

I’ve revised my rating to 9/10 as my own idiocy was getting in my way regarding combat in the game and once I put it into turn-based mode the combat became much more like the old fallout games and much more tactical as you could go for crippling stirkes and so forth.

The biggest single headache of the game though is navigation so far -you can’t takle direct overhead routes as the streets are often blocked with rubble and are forced to use the remnants of the washington dc underground system. Apparently after a bit this is less true in the game but right now navigating is a pain. But the quests are marvellously deep often with unexpected knock on effects or consequences. In that respect if far outshines either Morrowind or Oblivion. My only other slight critique is recruited NPCs miss the character development of the earlier games.

But it’s certainly a good bordering on great game - if they do another fallout and take note of the feedback Bethsheda might have a classic game on their hands.

Heh, since we’re the ES nutjobs around here, I thought I’d go a head and post, Jharek.

Beth is targeting the new ES game for 2010, unsurprisingly to those of us who keep and eye on them - but they just trademarked “Skyrim.” Whaaaat? This makes no sense in the geopolitical flow of canonical ES history - after all, Solstheim, that Daedra forsaken hole, is just Skyrim Jr, yeah? Okay, I can see how it might be interesting, especially if there are some ancient, nearly untouched Giant/Dwemer co-op ruins up there, and maybe a little more teasing evidence of the Falmer…but there is just nothing THERE. I saw enough snow in Solsthein to last me forever…snow, snow, snow - oo and dorky isolationist drunken blond dude with stupid horns on his hat, snow, snow, snow…whoopdedoo.

And I can’t see what in that world any of that would have to do with the obviously growing partisanship, and potential Civil War, etc.

I am hoping they’re just flinging a red herring there, since from what I can tell, the REAL action for you or me, that nameless savior, should be set in Elsweyr, a land of varied terrain, at least two unique and important cultures, not even mentioning their complex relations with their neighbors (getting the nomads to work with the Redguard nomads would be fun right there) and incredible, decadent port cities, a unique spiritual system, coke plantations (and crack factories, alas) though moonsugar is part of their sacrament, and now that the theocracy and slavery practice has fallen in Morrowind, and there’s a real contender for the Throne (yes I checked, and I am a total nerd, he;s legit) who just happens to be a quiet,but long-standing ally of the Elweyr bunch - THAT is the way to go if they want a real challenge.

Not to mention, that’d make a possible excursion to Summerset (perhaps as an expansion) far more likely.

Okay, rant mode concluded.

But still…SKYRIM? Nah, they gotta be fooling around.

I saw where they copyrighted Skyrim as well. I am hoping it’s not the setting of the next game - snowy areas with barbarians are a bit of an over-used cliche to say the least. I’ve actually felt the ES games became dumbed down to a large extent with Oblivion, sure it had lots of bells and whistles and thing that look shiny on the surface but i think Morrowind was a far deeper game if you took the time to get into it. I’m really hoping they do another Fallout game, I know there’s been quite a bit of grumbling from the purists about this not been a ‘proper’ Fallout game and it’s not perfect but it is a good game and they do get close to the mood of the earlier games and at least it’s a million miles better than Fallout:Brotherhood Of Steel which just seemed to exsist for teenage boys to drool at video game chickes in improbably costumes. One thing about Fallout 3 I like is the fact that enemies don’t always level with you and you can get yourself into really serious bother if you try and travel in areas of the game world you are not ready for yet. Some people would hate that but for me it feels more like a real universe, I found it tedious in Oblivion when if you were sufficiently high level even the most mundane enemies were dropping high-level equipment. It ruined the sense of that been an organic world for me.

A word of warning, the main quest in Fallout 3 is NOT open-ended. If you finish it the game ends and you cannot play on as in the ES games. I hadn’t realise that at first and now having been told it I am doing as many sidequests as possible as I like to play a game as fully as possible. Also, some of the perks in this version of Fallout are worthless as unless you play in an iron man style you can keep reloading to pass speech checks or for lockpicking (yes ok I know some would say this was shameful behaviour for a gamer)

The game also has a built in level cap of 20. But it you use the PC version you can downloads mods to get around that.


A Bethsoft gamer who can’t sneak about and pick locks with ease -

A shameful gamer

this game looks great. But just this week i’ve started to have the worst guilt about playing violent video games.

yea im on my second playthrough of fallout 3 being an evil character great game can’t wait for future expansions or downloadable content. I wanna get fallout 1 and 2 later brotherhood of steel looks good too reminds me of baldurs gate dark alliance and those type of games fun for 2 player co op

fallout 1 and 2 are wonderful and you get them for very little cash. Brotherhood of Steel is however absymal and doesn’t fit into the fallout universe at all. Some purists don’t even think fallout 3 does for various reasons but brotherhood of steel is just unarguably poor, it loses the whole mood and characterisation that made fallout special.

My only complaint so far is (as usual with bethsheda games) numerous bugs which will to some extent be ironed out later on in patches but can still be annoying. Mind you they’ve always had this problem - daggerfall which was their most ambitious game and which could have been one of the classics of PC gaming was rendered almost unplayable initially it was so filled with bugs.

I did not expect this game to be so fun like this. It does give a different taste than Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. I finished both of these games a couple of times. I loved both in atmosphere. They were certainly my favourite games. Now F3 offers more independency over your character. The world is so big. It is absolutely delicious.
But right now I am not playing it because it takes so much time away and I do not have enough time. It is like living in a different world isolating you from the real world. Post-apocalyptic world. You are on your own and it is hard to trust anyone. You should rely on different skills to survive and it is not that easy to survive without saving and loading again.

Awesome game, easily my goty…:smiley:

Love this game, and I love the soundtrack even more… Apparently this game is solely responsible for a heap of hits on 30’s/40’s songs on iTunes in recent months…

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