GAMING: Final Fantasy Discussion (any one of the series)

Anybody here into the Final Fantasy series of games?

I’m currently going through Final Fantasy IV on my DS and I have to say that it’s a well-written story, full of good values and a solid tale of redemption from darkness. I’m only up to the part where Kain shows up to Cecil on the Enterprise flying ship and I’m about to embark on the lodestone cave quest.

Which of the Final Fantasy series do you remember most and what moments shine brightest in your mind?

Right here!:smiley:

In fact, I’m playing through FFT (the original PSX version - my favorite!) as we speak. I’ve played every game with the exception of the ones coming out for newer systems (no DS or Wii).

If ya ask me, the FF series is about as close as you get to a good story without going to the bookstore or watching a movie.

I completely agree. I’ve played through FF9 also and that was quite an experience for me. I really liked the sense of adventure you got when you were sent on quests across a magical land. The thrill of discovery in FF9 coupled with the sense of wonder I felt was lacking in other FF installments rejuvenated my interest in the series.

FF Tactics! I’d started on that on my PSP but I have to get back to it once I’m done with another game on that handheld that I promised myself I would finish. The story with Tactics seems very intriguing. It’s very involved and the emotions seem to run deep in the storyline. How are you finding it so far?

I played through FF6 (3 in the states), and enjoyed it, except for the ending. What a short letdown!

Really? I haven’t played FF6 yet despite it’s having been available in my GBA for the longest time. Weird I know, since from a lot of accounts online I hear it’s near the best of the bunch. I’m hoping FF6 will be ported for the DS also, the same way FFIV was.

I guess even a game as great as FF6 can have one low point. Maybe I’ll set my expectations for it a little bit lower then. Would you still recommend it though celticsfan?

I would recommend it. Just don’t look for a great ending. It’s about 2 min and doesn’t bring any closure to any of the storylines. Not even a “this is what happened to Celes, Cyan and Locke after the great battle”

I remember trying to play Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the GBA and I was slightly frustrated that they really didn’t tie the story of the GBA game to the original PSX one. I would have thought that if a FF had a nominal similarity in name and setting to a previous game then a bit of a link should be provided between the two in terms of story, not just the mechanics. :frowning:

IMO, FF died after FF7. FF8 was long, drawn-out, and for some *#&*#$& reason, Square has since felt the reason it needs to reinvent Final Fantasy ever new game it releases. Just gimme some HP/MP, an evil sorcerer, and I’m good to go. I exagerate slightly, but coming out with what I think are gimmick combat systems and overdone graphics are no substitutes for good plot and game play.

I left my heart in the Epoch from Chrono Trigger, so I guess my viewpoint isn’t too unexpected.

I hear FF12 was good though. I have the PS2 game in my collection and I have yet to pop it into the machine to give it the once over. I’ll report back to you guys after I do. Let me finish up on FFIV first though. Things have started to get interesting. Golbez wants to meet up. :eek:

Chrono Trigger > Final Fantasy.

Better music, storyline, ending(s), and more challenging.

FFXII was good, it was just a little long for some people. If ya ask me, that just says that they’ve all got short attention spans. It’s heavy on plot, politically speaking… so a lot of people didn’t like that either. shrug

That being said, there’s nothing like a good classic FF. :smiley: Have fun with FF4, you’ll see some interesting things develop.

As for how I’m liking FFT? It’s my sixth play-through and I never grow tired of the story. Definitely one of the more heavy-handed of the games. It’s right up there with FF7 in terms of story depth.

FINALLY!!! Someone out there who’s as crazy as me!

I started playing FFVII in 1997 right after the English version was released. For two years I played it a total of four times all the way through. When FFVIII was released in 1999, I completed that one start to end twice. I missed FFIX because I was in Kuwait that year, and by the time I got back, PS2 was the latest rage and I decided to wait. FFX came along in 2002 and completely captivated me. All together I played that one start to finish four times. I skipped FFXI since I’m not a big fan of playing RPGs online. FFX2 came and kept me busy in 2005. I played that one twice, with the second time getting 100% completion. Last in 2006 FFXII came out and that has completely taken far longer than anything I did before. I am still working on sidequests.

I must note that in between, I stayed in touch with characters by playing Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. Check those out as well.

My favorite by far is VII. To this day I am regretting not taking better care of the only PS game I continued to play. I had to throw away my copy :mad:, and now I cannot find one for less than $70!!! Supply and demand. I kept following by playing Crisis Core (for PSP) and I have Advent Children (although I will buy the Blu-ray as soon as it’s released). I have Tifa’s picture as a wallpaper on my cell phone.

As far as stories go… here’s where I give credit:

VII is on top… hand’s down

VIII is good, but a little too Japanese. American kids can’t relate.

IX didn’t grab my attention. Enough said.

X is my second favorite. Great story. X-2 wasn’t just for money either.

I’m biased about XI.

XII is great. Story was Oscar worthy.

I can’t wait for XIII and versus XIII. PS3 is ready!!!:thumbsup:


One more thing…

In FFX, was Yevon supposed to be the Catholic Church? Given the way the story went, should Catholics have been offended? I suppose you could have pointed it at any structured religion, but the overtones were unmistakable.

Consider the following:

Lulu calls the castle “the Palace of St. Bevelle” when she’s explaining to Tidus.

There is a Grand Maester above the others.

Kelk Ronso defects from the corruption.

Yunalesca says the teachings will never bring humanity to complete atonement (“Will humanity ever attain such purity?”).

Auron: “Aren’t those weapons forbidden by Yevon?” Kinoc: “There are exceptions.”

Religion is revealed to be nothing more than peace for the masses and completely wrong about how to defeat evil the their world.

The fayth were once living mortals.

Any thoughts?

Final Fantasy VII was my first one and still my all time favorite game. It’s the only game I have completely mastered. I had all the master materia, beat the Weapons, and everything else. I don’t know how long that took me since I was beyond the 99 hour limit.

FFVIII and FFIX were good too as was Tactics (Wiegriff/Velius just might have been the hardest boss I have ever fought and I warned my brother and others not to make my mistake and only have one save file since you can’t go back and level up once you enter the castle)

I never had a PS2 so I stopped playing them after 9.

I do have the Soundtracks to FFVII and Tactics though which I use for study music. That way I can pretend I still have time to play role playing games like I used to. I can pciture the entire game almost scene by scene as the soundtrack runs through for FFVII.

I also own the movie, Advent Children. I am glad they made it into a movie since I would have been forced to buy a PS2 and play the game if it were not a movie and a game.

Oi… Final Fantasy. Seeing as I spent countless hours playing those games as a kid, I am going to have to jump in.

Mostly, I am going to have to agree with Argh. The series has strayed very far from what it originally stood for, when Square was nearly bankrupt and Hironobu Sakaguchi had a crazy idea of updating the existing NES RPG standard, Dragon Quest, into something that would provide a more immersive idea for teenagers. It worked, and Final Fantasy 1 was followed by six sequels that combined meaningful plots and likeable characters with strategic gameplay that taught a lot of kids how to manage their resources (Ethers and Phoenix Downs, anyone?)

As far as plot goes, it’s between FF4 and FF6. Both had excellent plots, but FF4’s was simpler and more approachable for little tykes. For my part, I wanted to grow up to be like Cecil, renouncing darkness for light. (And I am now doing that as a catechumen in an accelerated RCIA class.)

FF7 is where the series really turned. Up until then, the games had alternated: the odd-numbered games emphasized gameplay, and the even-numbered ones graphics and story. FF7 tried to combine both, and made the graphics 3D. It worked, and for the first time, Square was able to sell their product to a mass market outside Japan.

FF7 had some issues, though. The cast of playable characters was much smaller compared to FF6: there were only 9 characters, and only one of them was different from the others in terms of gameplay, and she dies halfway through the game. The leveling (getting power-ups by defeating monsters continually) was much more tedious, and it turned out to be unnecessary, because the limit breaks/special moves were so powerful that the game lost all challenge once you were 2/3 done with it (1/2 way through disc 2 for those of you playing at home.)

But there were deeper issues brewing within Square, which really didn’t know what to do with all that cash from selling millions of copies of FF7. A lot of FF7’s success was chalked up to the replacement of series veteran character designer Yoshitaka Amano with newcomer Tetsuya Nomura. Nomura and his associate, Yoshinori Kitase, came from the world of anime and manga. Square promoted them because their designs were easier to turn into 3D graphics than Amano’s wispy watercolors. But Nomura and Kitase also brought along some traditions from anime, which were radical changes for the FF series.

The Japanese anime and manga companies have a bad habit of appropriating Western culture without understanding it, and adulterating it with elements from Shinto, or Japanese spiritism. (Maybe the West does the same thing to the Japanese by stealing ninja, samurai and so on.) But that is why FF7 replaced God with “the Planet” and the beatific vision with “becoming one with/returning to the Lifestream.” (In contrast, the previous games just had magic crystals and didn’t mess with religion, except that FF6 mentions goddesses in passing.) C.S. Lewis figured out how to have God and magic work in the same plot. Square didn’t really bother trying; they just kept trying to duplicate FF7 by de-emphasizing Amano and Sakaguchi’s contributions and adding more Evangelion-inspired pseudoreligious elements.

By the time we got up to FF10, the series had something of an anti-monotheistic streak, which ahollars alluded to. (Actually, that streak started with the spinoff, FF Tactics, right after FF7 was released). The gameplay had suffered, too; FF8’s gameplay and plot were convoluted compared to FF7’s, and FF9 simplified both by far too much. FF10 went back to FF8’s style (plus a lot of God-bashing) and the series never really recovered. It didn’t help that Square nearly went bankrupt again by producing a bad movie with the last of the FF7 cash, which lead to them getting bought out; Sakaguchi jumped ship and the old crew became mere consultants.

I don’t know about FF11 or FF10-2 (yes, they made a TEN TWO) or FF12. FF9 is the last one I bought and 10 was the last one I played. I’m not really a gamer anymore and I don’t think that anything is made in the tradition of FF7-and-prior role-playing games anymore. The games market today seems to consist of: (1) online RPGs (as opposed to novel-style); (2) first-person-shooters; and (3) sports games. I don’t like any of the above. The Wii seems to be the exception but I no longer have the time to learn how to play it.

But it was fun to reminisce. :slight_smile:

My mom cracks homers on Wii sports with ease, so I don’t think theres much to learn :slight_smile:

Regardless, my Wii has been shelved lately in favor of my old Sega Genesis…that’s some good fun to go back and play that. Would love to play though Shining Force on it, speaking of RPGs.

That’s good to know. It just seems so different versus a traditional control set up. Then again, if you put the Wii Remote on its side, it is basically a Bluetooth NES controller. :slight_smile:

SF1 was a great game. Rented it back in the day, but never finished it. See, there were tactical RPGs even before Square bought Quest. :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:

I love Final Fantasy X, it has gorgeous graphics and very fun gameplay. I’ve never beaten it, though hehe

I didn’t get the Sphere Grid, and so I gave up. :confused:

I also didn’t get the plot. :confused: :confused: :confused: Then again, I didn’t like Xenogears’s plot either–too Evangelion for me.

But I have often heard that it was the “last great” FF. I am too nostalgic to share that opinion, though. :slight_smile:

Anybody find chocobo breeding extremely tedious in Final Fantasy VII? That and Barrett being an extremely stereotyped black man (then again, kudos for having a black guy in an RPG, a rarity indeed).

I enjoyed that one, but its so hard to find because fanboys price it for nearly $100 on eBay.

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