GAMING: Halo 3

I’ve been wondering about the game “Halo 3” and the Halo series in general. The villains are a group of religious aliens known as the Covenant. They are engaged in a holy war against humanity. I haven’t played the games but I know a lot about them. Can anyone who as played these games elaborate? The Covies could easily be seen as a Islam/GWOT parallel (a character to be named the Dervish was changed because it would create a clear Islamic parallel) or as making fun of Christians, especially fundamentalist Protestants (they believe that activating the Halo superweapons will create a ‘Great Journey,’ which looks suspiciously like the Rapture.) The first Halo game came out before 9/11 and the attendance of Islam to the world’s notice, but the Covies’ religion wasn’t really defined. And one of the UNSC (human) characters seems to be a Christian (upon getting a tank, he says, “Usually the good Lord works in mysterious ways. But not today! This here is sixty-six tons of straight up, H-E-spewing dee-vine intervention! If God is love, then you can call me Cupid!”) who dislikes the Covies’ religion. So to players of the game- do you think the baddies are based on Christianity? Islam? Not really focused? On the religious issues, would you recommend the game? (For now, ignore the questions of the morality of violent video games- I am fifteen and have seen such movies as Saving Private Ryan.)

The Covenant is an alien alliance bent on destruction of mankind because it considers them a threat. The aliens believe we are gods, and, as such, are a threat to their gods. They consider Halos to be a way of salvation. The Covenent are extremely religious. It’s like a combination of different religions: Aztec, Christianity, Islam, etc.

as a 40 year old man/gamer i would recommend the halo series just because of the action/adventure. i would also say this,sometimes games are just games and we shouldn’t read to much into them. as far as violence and games are concerned violence has been around a lot longer than video games.:slight_smile:

I know most games are light entertainment. I just don’t want to get a game that makes fun of religion.

I hate halo myself so if it adds any form of credits to it then cool.

They are not making fun of religion any more then anything else these days. People tend to as a society try to explain the working of the cosmos that they don’t have answers for with religion. As a result its in the game for plot flavor not political statement.

I just take it at face value, that the Covenant religion is unique to the Halo series. And by the way, fourhorsemen, is your name in any way a reference to Metallica?

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