GAMING: Legend of Zelda

Does anyone out there play Legend of Zelda? Does the Catholic church think it’s bad to play this game? If so, why?

I would say no it isn’t morally wrong to play it. First of all, because my parents are devout Catholics and have allowed my brothers to play it for a long time. Second, because it is good against evil and good triumphing. It’s just like Narnia or LOTR. I, for one, love this game!!!

Legend of Zelda is AWESOME! My favorite is Ocarina of Time, followed by Twilight Princess. I tried getting into the 2-D games, but it just dosen’t work for me.

Like Therese says, it’s not wrong to play. It’s a very moral game.

The Catholic Church doesn’t have official teachings about everythign imaginable: we as Catholics have quite a bit of freedom in that regard. A book does not even need the imprimatur to be read.

The Church has said that video games (and popular media in general- movies, TV, etc) can be bad when they glorify sex and violence. Generally, I’d say that any game that is rated Teen or lower is safe; rated “M” games need to be more closely scrutinized.

Twilight Princess is my fav!!! :yyeess:

She’s nothing against it, so far as I know, but be wary that the splendor and addictive-ness doesn’t draw you away from your day to day duties.

It’s a little known fact that Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was divinely inspired to Shigeru Miyamoto…well…maybe not…but some of us would to think so.

I don’t get how these games would be moraly wrong to play. No sex, cussing, or blood.
I love these games, especially Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.
Anyone know if their making another one?

The only thing I can see morally wrong with The Legend of Zelda is that some believe Shigeru Miyamoto is god…:stuck_out_tongue:

but as Nintendo declared he isn’t.

btw A Link to the Past is the best in the series

Enjoy the game … I loved the two original games on the NES back in the day … a bit of adventure gaming like this is fine … much better then games like Grand Theft Auto.

Penguin-You made my day!!! I am so glad that someone else doesn’t like GTA!!!

Zelda is one of the greatest series in Nintendo, argubly in video game history. My personal favorite is Ocrania of time.

Glad to make your day;0) What I found disturbing was when they released GTA for the Nintento DS … which although I’m an adult and own one the majority of the games are for kids.

I loved Zelda as a kid … I would love to play the one on the Wii but don’t own one or can’t afford one either.

I agree that the Legend of Zelda is fine. I allow my children to play it and have often watched them and seen nothing disturbing. The only issue would be spending so much time playing that you neglect your responsibilities (work, chores, studies, etc.)

I think Twilight Princess is availible on Gamecube. If you don’t have a GC, you can get one for under 100 bucks online. It’s a great system. Very underrated.

You heard that, too? :smiley:

Back in the day, I recall spending one Saturday playing “A Link to the Past” from start to finish in one sitting with one single life just to see it say “0 lives used” when the credits rolled. It was sort of anti-climactic as there were not the fireworks I was hoping for. :stuck_out_tongue: But I still had fun playing it. :slight_smile:

(emphasis mine)

That is sooo true!! And I love gamecube too! :rolleyes:

Zelda is a great strategy game with loads of cute and clever things. Some contain villians that may or may not reflect other religion’s Gods but for the most part its tame. I find it, however, to be very addicting, so I’d be mindful of that before investing any time or money into it.

Ocarina of Time was great. Still one of my favorite games, right behind Metriod Prime and Super Mario 64. Unlike most players, I loved Majora’s Mask as well. It had a much darker feel to it.

Oh, and I was kind of crushed when I found this out when I got older, but the sages are all sages on OoT because they died. Kinda makes the game feel much more gloomy. That, and those darn Redeads…

I also liked Majoras Mask, but just not as much as the others. It is so weird, but I never finished it, I think I was about halfway through. I need to break out my N64 sometime and finish it.
I love how the Zelda games are very long. It usually takes me a good two months to finish one. I don’t play video games often, and i like taking my time with games I like.
The other series I really like, though it is not for everyone is Silent Hill. Very scary and I love the puzzles that have to be solved.

I loved Majora’s Mask, too. It seemed a bit shorter and less expansive than some of the others in the series, but I think it’s a very fun concept to play the same three days over and over (and over and over). I had fun with it. CoG85, you definitely should finish it! :slight_smile:

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