GAMING: New WoW Catholic Guild forming: Knights of Mount Carmel

We are in the process of forming a new Catholic WoW guild. The guild development underwent many permutations, and we have settled on the name Knights of Mount Carmel, in honor of the journey to salvation in Christ, and in particular the Carmelite spirituality.

Our web site is: There is a fair amount of detail there now, so please visit our site for more information.

Ceanna (my priest) is the GM, and a couple from this forum are officers of the guild. If interested in joining, please post here, or contact us through guildportal.

God bless,

What realm are you on? How many 70’s? Are you going to be raiding Karazhan? Are you Alliance or Horde?

Good questions!

Well, presently the three founding officers are on Thunderhorn, but we were planning on moving to Sisters of Elune. There is a Christian guild on SoE who expressed interest in working with us to build a raiding capability. I am presently the only 70. (actually, I have two: a pally and a priest).

There is an alternative. If people who want to join would like to have immediate access to end game content, we could form up on Thunderhorn to give it a try. I say this because I have very strong connections with the Christian raiding guild called Crusade, and they would be thrilled to have another source of 70s to start doing Gruul’s. Presently Crusade does mostly Karazhan, and has killed everything except for… Netherspite? or Nightbane… one has been killed, the other one still lives… for now…

Perhaps it does make more sense to get going on Thunderhorn. I’ve been working very hard on the guild structure… but there is still uncertainty in the realm because I would really like to accomodate as many interested Catholics as possible. I was also targetting a RP server to provide RP opportunities for those interested, but maybe that isn’t a priority to those interested in just having a Catholic WoW guild.

So… the two main choices in realm are:

  1. Thunderhorn. There would be little opportunity for RP, but huge opportunities to jump into the end game (heroics, Karazhan/ZA, and premade PvP) right away.
  2. Sisters of Elune: We could really build the guild in parallel with a Protestant small guild that just started up as well… and there would be opportunities for RP.

So… with all that said, what do you think? I am not going to move any characters until we figure out what realm makes the most sense.


p.s. We are Alliance :slight_smile:

We have a guild!

Knights of Mount Carmel signed and registered the charter yesterday on Thunderhorn! Woohoo!

For those interested in participating in our guild, send me a personal message, or check out our website:

This is going to be fun. :smiley:


I posted several times on the previous thread pertaining to this guild, and indicated my interest. On the other thread, you stated that the guild would be on the Sisters of Elune realm (After having previously decided the guild would be on a different realm.) After making a character specifically for this guild (Which I informed you of), and leveling the character in order to be a better asset to the guild, I heard nothing else for about three weeks. Now it appears that the guild has been started on another realm. God bless you in your endeavors, but my frustration has caused me to lose interest now. I’m sure this was an unintentional oversight, but I’m going to pass at this point. I think I’ll start a guild on Sisters of Elune.

Yes I know how u feel. My family and I started toons on soe as well. My family has been playing WOW for 4 or 5 mths now. When we first started playing we made toons in skywall. When we started playing we didn’t know that there were guilds. After doing some reserching in guild portal and wow forums, we noticed that there were some protestant guilds on thunderhorn…so that got me thinking maybe there might be some Catholic guilds. I was not able to find any.
Since I was raised protestant I felt like it was time well spent to make the move to thunderhorn vs. my kids (myself and wife included) getting caught up in some secular group that i didnt know anything about and forgetting the only thing that matters! That being said, Shylah had every intention of starting KoMC(dof) on soe.
I got a chance to talk with Shylah in game. I told her we could not move our toons (3 mth waiting period after transferring). I have no problems with moving my toons to soe.
I believe it was because of us(my family and I) that she decided to stay in thunderhorn at this time. Yes, we have talked about moving to soe. I do not think she cares so much about what realm we are in. I think she just wants (as my family) to have a guild full of like minded people.
Now why she has not pm you to let you know, i dont know. If you would like to stay in soe,i have noproblem moving the guild. If you would like to transfer over to thunderhorn, i would be more than glad to pay. Please dont hold this against us! As a humble servant of Jesus Christ I ask your forgiveness!

Hey guys,

The reason I did not keep in touch for three weeks was the following. While my folks were visiting last October, my mom became very sick and died. My dad, who had been married to her for 41 years, was devestated. He wanted to spend Christmas and New Years with me here in Colorado, and he needed a whole lot of attention. It was probably the wrong time to start a conversation about starting a guild, but I was really really hoping to take this slowly, by discussing things on the web together, building a website together, and so forth.

I teach physics at the Air Force Academy, and our semester started in the middle of my dad’s visit. TO top things off, I got very sick for a few days right before school started, so on the first day of classes, I was already behind. To make a long story short, I was overwhelmed, emotionally and physically exhausted, and frankly didn’t have the mental strength to resolve the needs of all those who have posted here.

One thing I have noticed in my life is that when I try to do good things, somehow I make mistakes and make people really mad at me. I can’t do this anymore.

I am sorry that I let you down. Good luck with your future WoW endeavors. I think it’s time for me to move on from this game.


Hey all. Just a bump for the guild.

I am sorry there were difficulties, but things like that sometimes happen. I used to be guild master and it’s not easy. Shylah’s doing an awesome thing here :slight_smile:

I just transferred my level 70 Holy Priest (full mooncloth set, Gavel of Pure Light, and more) to Thunderhorn to be in the guild. I’m also starting a new hunter toon. Should be good times.

Awwww… that’s so wonderful Steel… Just find Poca or Saintroberto online, and they will send you an invite.

I’m sorry for venting. It’s just been a rough time starting… you should see all the nasty things people on the wow forums have been posting. I guess I was just a little tired – I really should have waited before posting.

That said, I am really looking forward to this. Any suggestions at all with regards to what our guild needs are welcome.

So, we have a website, a tabard, a guild bank, and I am working on getting a vent server set up this weekend.

I have to work late tonight (my poor students are having their first exam on Monday, and they are panicking, so I am holding a pizza party and review session this evening. lol. I am such a softy.) But I will be online this weekend.


Yeah, I am helping Poca right now with some quests in Winterspring. It’s good to give Glain some playtime again :slight_smile:

I’m bringing my prot pally over to KOMC this weekend – just wanted to touch base with the GM of her present guild first.

I can hardly wait to form a solid tank/healer team with my pally and your priest. Maybe this weekend we can start with a pally tank run through regular Shattered halls. That is such a blast… :smiley:

Hopefully we should be able to do that this weekend like we were talking about.

Just an update for everyone: We’re off to a good start. It’s still a small guild, but we make up for it in being close. If you are starting out or have a low level character, Shylah and I are very willing to help out with both advice and taking you through some of the instances.

Topics of conversation in guild chat today included a discussion of the middle ages, the reformation and counter-reformation, and good reading on those subjects. So the goal of fellowship is alive and well.

tankadin lv 70 skullcrusher Salubri

Cooool… Tankadin is so much fun to play. :slight_smile:

Any interest in starting a character on Thunderhorn to play with us? We are starting some new lowbies to level together… should be fun!

I am intersted in joining! I started a Drenai priest named Iranaeus yesterday. I’ll send a tell later today! I’m very excited.

Great :slight_smile: We are on right now, in fact.

I’m sorry, but I have no idea what you people are talking about. Is this some pagan thing? What is WOW? What in the world is this? Roanoker…

From what I gather, it’s a very popular online computer game:

World of Warcraft

Wickipedia’s account

I have a lvl 70 Night Elf Rogue (full Epics)…he is on Malygos, and his name is Eens (lol). You can see his armory here.

I have several alts as well. I may have to check you guys out. Any peticular class you have a desire of?

…and I went ahead and made a human priest on Thunderhorn as well. His name is Laetare. :slight_smile:

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