GAMING: Nintendo DS - any recommendations?

[LEFT]Since we appear to have a large enough amount of gamers/geeks here to be helpful, anyone have any suggestions for good Nintendo DS games? I prefer puzzles, RPGs, and adventure games to action or platformers. My friend Ran has been going aslk;afdfga;d over the new Final Fantasy, but I prefer buying used and it’s brand new, :frowning: .[/LEFT]

Kingdom Hearts 2 is the one I’ve heard the most good things about. Brothers, friends, random customers/clerks in stores, everyone seems really happy with it.

When I borrow my brothers’ DS, all I play is Pokemon :smiley:

I highly recommend Animal Crossing: Wild World. I’ve had it for 5 months and I just LOVE it. I actually regretted buying it at first, but then after awhile, I got back into it and its really a fun game. You basically move into a town inhabited by animals. You collect furniture, insects, go fishing, sell fruit. You can even wifi and connect with friends that have the game with a Friend Code.

The game is $34.99 Right now in the store in town run by an animal that looks like a Raccoon, I was able to buy a Festive tree (another name for Christmas Tree in this world). There are fun events almost every month, too.

that’s the official website

edit to add: not sure what the price would be for a used game, but if you’re a member of GameFly,. you might be able to get a preplayed copy for $10 less than retail.

Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass
Metroid: Hunters
And anything Mario!

I love those games!

Haven’t played them myself, but the Brain Training games are very popular and highly acclaimed. I want to pick them up but don’t have the time to play them at the time.

Big Brain Academy or something like that.

Oh and Geometry Wars is supposed to be pretty fun, addictive stuff.

Flash Focus is pretty cool. It’s to train your eyes. Big Brain Academy is a lot of fun. Tetris DS is a good puzzler. It is the classic Tetris game with some other games thrown in too. Cooking Mama is one of my favorite games. It’s really simple and a lot of fun, you cook different recipes and you have to chop, mix, seperate eggs, and even peel shrimp! I love it! Hmmm New Super Mario Bros. is a good one that you could probably find used and I second the Animal Crossing: Wild World. MySims looks like a pretty fun little RPG style game that’s cuter than just the Sims. I’m hoping to get Mario Party DS for Christmas. It’s a fun board game style game with a lot of great mini games. My niece and I have every single one since the N64 and play them all the time. You can also use the wireless multiplayer to play that one with at least four people :slight_smile:

I tried mysims and I say - its not worth a purchase. I was not impressed by it. Some were calling it Animal Crossing, Junior, but its not. The days are not in real time, you can’t really do a whole lot of stuff…I rented it and I was not impressed with it at all. I sent it back.

I definitely recommend the Brain Age and Brain Age 2 games. Very reasonably priced at $20 for a brand new game.

Gotta give my love to the Phoenix Wright series. The idea of a lawyer video game seems absurd, I know, but they’re great, great games.

The third one just came out not too long ago, and it is high atop my Christmas list.

Sam, the Neon Orange Knight

I was about to say that!:thumbsup:

The DS can play GBA games too, you could take a look at those, too.

Puzzle games:

Tetris DS
Puyo Pop Fever (hard to find nowadays, but good!)
Brain Age (for the sudoku)

I’ve heard good things abouit Prism: Light the Way and Puzzle Quest, but I can’t verify as I haven’t played them.

Lunar Knights
FFIII (according to my brother, anyway)
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
grab some oldies from the GBA library - FFIV (even though a DS remake will be out shortly), Fire Emblem, Tactics Ogre, Riviera, etc.

You can also check out the recently released FFXII: Revenant Wings and the Dragon Quest Monsters game, although these are probably of a different breed then what you’re looking for…

Phoenix Wright 1-3
HOTEL DUSK (still my favorite game I’ve played all year!)
Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is probably a solid bet, but I haven’t played it yet, either…

I’m sure there’s many more I forgot, but those should do the trick :slight_smile:

I’m already a Gyakutard, :wink: . Wiiiiiiiiiin. Do you just play or do you get into the fan stuff too?

Having had case 1-4 on my mind a lot lately, here’s a theory I want to throw out to those who have played it, without spoiling anything for those who haven’t yet. The prosecution actually planned how 1-4 was going to pan out. Yes, even the ending. If you think about it, it’s much more in character. If you want to respond, avoid spoilers. I know it’s pretty much PW’s equivalent of “Snape kills Dumbledore”, but I had it spoiled for me.

Anyone who wants to know anything about game 3 or about Apollo Justice can ask me in a PM so I can hide the spoilers from everyone else.

All right, guys, I’ve got to ask. Who else has played Apollo Justice Ace Attorney for the DS?

I’d played the Phoenix Wright trilogy and thought the first game was brilliant. The second and third were also pretty awesome though not quite as great. But I didn’t want to play Apollo Justice because of the negativity about it coming from my friends in the fandom. But I did it anyway, and am in the middle of the third case.

THIS GAME IS AWESOME. It is one of the best adventure games I have played in a long time. Apollo and Trucy (and the occasional appearance by Trucy’s father) are the cutest crime-solving duo, and the puzzles are clever. Also, amazingly (especially after the original trilogy with the subplots of Edgeworth’s and Mia’s pasts) it is joyful and almost angst-free. It’s just a great bunch of mysteries, and FUN FUN FUN.

Has anyone else played it, or the original games? If you have, what do you think? Taking votes on favorite characters, too!

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