gaming on pc

having one functioning hand, i purchased a special xbox 360 controller and accompanying dongle to play wirh it on pc. is it wrong to play with these microsoft-related (they support planned parenthood) products? What about gaming on a pc?

If so we can all shut down our computers with Microsoft Windows and get rid of them. The internet was invented by athiests; guess that’s out too.

If so we can all shut down our computers with Microsoft Windows and get rid of them.


well, video games aren’t exactly necessary.

This is a good question, but I have to agree with CA apologist, Michelle Arnold, who gives, I believe, a good answer here:

You should do your best to avoid products from companies that support the opposite side of an issue than that of the Church, but in this case there isn’t really an alternative. Tech companies are pretty much universally in support of SSM. You would have to give up all computers (including cell phones, smart TVs, game consoles, etc.) to really stop supporting them. It’s not really feasible. When you have a choice, you should choose the company that supports Church teachings. That is increasingly becoming a rarity these days.

That reminds me of a joke: “Mom, I have cheated the railways!” - “How?” - “I have paid for the ticket and didn’t take a ride! And they didn’t even notice!”… :slight_smile:

As far, as I understand, you have already paid for that product. While I can see how not buying it might have counted as a “boycott” or something, I don’t see how buying it and not using it afterwards is going to make it any harder for Microsoft to support anything…

Thus I’d say that you shouldn’t worry about that any more.

And computers are? Sorry but I think society would be so much better off without them. There’s no turning back at this point though.

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