GAMING: Quake 3?

I’m thinking of buying the old video game Quake 3, but I’d like to know something first… I don’t want to get it if there’s satanic images or references. Does anyone know if there is? No details, please.

I don’t think so, it’s space themed. Q1 and 2 were great games though. Can’t beat the nailgun.

I asked on Gamespot and one guy said he wasn’t sure but if he had to choose yes or no he’d say yes, or something to that effect.

It is a video game though. Still, stay away if playing it may inspire you to start worshiping the devil.

I doubt it would, but I’d like to stay away from it anyway if it has that.

I don’t really understand what you meant by “It is a video game though”… are you saying all video games are evil, or that even if it has it it’s “only a video game” and relatively minor, or what? :confused:

The gore is quite intense. I wouldn’t buy it if you’re itchy around that kind of stuff.

There’s no demonic imagery as far as I remember. It’s aliens versus humans.

There are a few pentagrams scattered around. Nothing like the DOOM series.

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