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I’m 23, and on occasion enjoy playing video games. There are only a few game series I truely enjoy, and one of them is the Silent Hill series. I’ve been following this series since the first game came out. Yes, it is violent at times, and can be very disturbing, but I also love that it’s not just action, you also have to use your head in the games. They can have some real good puzzles.
I was wondering if there are any other Silent Hill fans on this site. If so, which of the five games do you like the best?
So far my favorite is still the first game, it had the most puzzles and I just love the whole setting in the game. I enjoyed the second one, but didn’t quite understand the plot too well. The third one is the second best in the series I think (even though I have yet to finish it), it reminded me of the first one. The fourth was ok, but seemed to different, and I didn’t care for the main guy to much, he reminded me of a male model. I’m currently playing the fifth on for the PS2, and really enjoy it. Very scary, and I love the puzzles in this one. I do have a few complaints about it. It seems a bit short and I hate how the non firearm weapons always break. It also seems a bit silly that the main guy is carrying around two iv drip stands, a tv, two typewriters, and a slew of other junk. Where does he keep all this junk?:rolleyes: I do like that they have a pyramid head like monster in it again. That guy freaked me out in the second game.
I hated the movie based on the game. It started out promising, but they totally messed the plot up and went way over board with the special effects and gore.

I like survival horror games in general, not just Silent Hill. My favorite horror franchises include not just Silent Hill but also Fatal Frame, Resident Evil and a little known one called Siren.

I suppose my favorite SH would be 1. That one had the greatest fright factor in my case probably because the blurry graphics sort of accentuated the unnatural feeling.

The only thing I don’t like about the SH series are the bad ending branching options. My first play in SH2 gave me the extremely depressing suicidical water ending which spoiled the experience a bit. I’ve yet to play it again to see the good one and I’ll probably play it with a FAQ listing requirements for the latter. SH3 was fine and I plan to play it again sometime soon. SH4 can be nightmarish if you’re going to go for the good ending. Had to use a certain “candle” glitch to keep a certain supporting character from dying. SH Origins, the fifth one was originally a Playstation Portable game but got ported to the PS2. Since PSP games tend to be short, the PS2 game which was just a straight port turned out the same. The main character might be carrying too many things but at least you weren’t forced to drop things and then backtrack for picking up later. That would have been worse if you ask me. (Resident Evil 0 comes to mind.)

As nasty as the SH series is, I find Siren for the PS2 (created by the original designer of Silent Hill) a lot more intense than SH. SH characters has the option of fighting monsters. In Siren, it’s a lot more limited and some characters cannot fight at all. The experience of total helplessness in a nightmarish situation is just unequaled. One mission has you guiding a 5 year old girl from a house full of zombies and boy, this is probably the most stressful situation I’ve ever experienced in any survival horror game. No weapons or anything, just hide in the closet and walk past some really creepy zombies that can turn around and see you any time. One wrong move and game over.

The only drawback to Siren it that it’s extremely difficult. Most people usually give up on this title but I find the suspense exhilirating.

I’ll have to try Siren. I hate easy games, so that would suit me perfectly. What system is it for?
I like the resident evil games too. The fourth one was the best I think.

I did mention PS2.

However this is an old game. Might not be easy to find.

I’ll check ebay, I’m sure they’ll have it.:thumbsup:

The movie Silent Hill was at least partially filmed in my home town.

Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing; I had never even heard of the movie until recently.

Way too much violence.

I really enjoy the Silent Hill Series.

I’ve played them all and finished them all so far, except that I don’t own SH4 so I have only completed one ending.

I agree with you, child_of_God85, that the movie was a bit disappointing. I’d have enjoyed the plot had it been different enough to just be a shoot-off story that happened in Silent Hill (sort of like SH2 was) instead of claiming to be based on the first game and being so similar that it’s obvious that it isn’t meant to be a side story. But I get annoyed when people deviate from the original plot in an adaptation…that goes for books too, IMO.

As for those Special Effects, yes, they made it seem too obvious at times that these were effects, not real monsters. Also, the original SH wasn’t even nearly that gory in a “torture gore” way (which is what the movie made it into) but rather in a “there are horrific things surrounding you but which were already that way when you got there” sort of way. I found that much more tasteful and Lovecraftian than the films rendition.

Only played the first one for the original playstation but I remember really liking it. I didn’t really like the idea of crushing the skulls of zombie kindergardners though.

I’ve wanted to get into the survival horror genre for a while now. So far the only game I have is Carrier for Dreamcast, which isn’t very good.

I do enjoy games like Silent Hill, I don’t like it as much as Resident Evil though, I really love that game, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis was a game I played a lot.

I love MGS as well. I got MGS, MGS2 and MGS3.

I can’t wait for MGS4, but I don’t have a PS3. Apparently MGS4 will probably be the last of the third party exclusives for Sony. Sony is really depending on MGS4 to boost their sales.

I would buy it, but I’m 20 now and uni is a killer and I need to find a job!! Wish I was 12 again. Lol

If all you have is a dreamcast, get Resident Evil Code Veronica but just read up on the story before playing it. Besides the fact that Sonic was my favorite of the heros (Mario, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, etc.) I bought the dreamcast since I knew the next Resident evil was going to be on it. It eventually came out for PS2but not for a couple years after or so.

I have several systems, just not enough discretionary income with which to buy more games. Plus I already have a huge list of games that I want anyway, and Silent Hill and Resident Evil are somewhere in the middle.

Ebay is a good place to look for games that don’t cost much. Or you could try renting them, thats what I usually have to do.

Do they still have mod chips for the newer systems so you can borrow and copy games and play them? Since we didn’t have enought money to buy all the games we wanted my friends and I would share games and copy them so we could play more of them. The mod chip was sold in a store and not on the black market or something so I assumed it was legal.

It is illegal, obviously.

I never played the game but my DH made me go see the movie. (It truly was terrible) As an interesting bit of trivia, we used to live on one of the streets where the movie was filmed and you can see our old appartment in the movie. And the street looks every bit as bad as it does in the movie. If anything the special effects somewhat improved the run down look. :stuck_out_tongue:

Silent Hill rules! I liked all of the ones I’ve played… 1-4 only… I liked the fear factor of SH4 the most but highly favors the SH2 story-wise… :smiley:

Fave Protagonist -Harry from SH1
Least fave protagonist - James of SH2
Fave villain - Pyramid Head!
Least fave villain - Dahlia and Maria
Fave Supporting char - The detective from SH3 (forgot the name)
Least fave support char - the first girl to get killed in SH4
Fave (scariest) moment - Every demon appearance on SH4 and the first time you encounter a “shadow” thingie on SH1… :smiley:
Least scariest moment - Eddie puking… :smiley:

The silent hill movie was awesome, it wasn’t exactly like the game however that vibe was created.

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