GAMING: Skyrim

So who else is loving this game as much as me? Picked it up on release day, and have not been able to stop playing all weekend. I’m addicted. Badly. My wife is addicted. Badly. :smiley:

I’ve been playing the Elder Scrolls games since Arena, and love them all. Been waiting on Skyrim since putting WAY more time into Oblivion than a 40 year old should be allowed too, and here we go again!!!

I haven’t done much in the game yet other than explore the early areas, and learn the game mechanics, but I have a feeling I’m not going to be spending much time with any other game for a very long time!

My husband and son stayed up until 2am Saturday morning. I think they started playing around 7pm Friday.

Yes, they love it.

I tried holding off, but I couldn’t resist! I haven’t gotten a new game the first weekend in a long time, and I wanted to feel like I was a little kid again.

I just started the game, and I’m so excited to see what all it has to offer! I’m still experimenting around with what type of character I want to play. I was thinking mage, but I was wondering about the ethics of pretending to be a conjuror by raising the dead, and having them fight with you. Would that be a sin? I know throwing fireballs is fine, since that kind of magic is fake.

I’m also considering being an archer. I don’t know. There’s just so much to do! I’ll try all the weapons, and choose my perks once I decide what I want to do.

Oh, and the game is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!

I’m not a gamer but my housemate is and he’s been playing it pretty much straight since it was released. He won’t stop going on about how awesome it is. Since his X-box is in the living room I’m watching him play - my input so far was getting upset when a talking dog walked into a fire (but it was okay!). :smiley:

I want this game so bad! I can’t afford it right now, so I’ll have to wait till christmas. I guess it’s probably a good thing, it’ll give me time to finish oblivion.

Hehe, glad to see I’m not the only Skyrim\Elder Scrolls fan out here.

Like I said, I’m loving it so far. I decide to go a different route than with Oblivion, and recently Dragon Age, and go pretty much all out warrior. My last two big RPG’s, I’ve gone more mage as I wanted to try out a lot of the spells I normally veer away from in these games.

I’ve built out a male Redguard and so far, I’m liking him. What’s nice about the character system in this game, is that race\class doesn’t really seem to matter. Your character grows\adapts to what it is you do the most, and use the most. I can see many a cold winter night spend adventuring long after the kids have gone to bed with this one! :smiley:

My husband just bought this game for himself–he’s been waiting and waiting for it. He’s decided to leave it under the tree for Christmas, though. I’m excited to see him play through it. I loved Oblivion myself.

You’re right Rotlex. Maybe I should throw out my preconceived notions of character class, and just do whatever I feel like doing at the moment. I can use a different tactic for each dungeon! Today, I will use nothing but a 2 handed hammer. Now I will use magic in one hand, and a dagger in the other.

I wonder how fun/practical it would be to try to raise all my skills evenly? That could be a challenge all on it’s own!

Gah! I ordered my copy from Newegg a few months ago when they had a pre-order sale for $48 (for 360). Of course, the trade off for saving that $12 is that it won’t be delivered until tomorrow… I rented it from Redbox on release day just to get a taste, but that might have just made the remaining wait harder.

I rolled a Bosmer at first, but hand to hand combat proved so entertaining that I rerolled a Redguard. I think I’ll be focusing on one-handed and blocking, with some magic for special occasions. Smithing seems potentially excellent as well, so I’ll doubtless be doing some of that.

I never got very heavily in to Morrowind or Oblivion, but Skyrim feels… different. I don’t know why exactly I find it so much more appealing, but tomorrow can’t come fast enough.

My wife loved Oblivion too. We played through most of it together\as a team really, with her taking notes, helping out, and me handling the controller. :smiley: Love gaming as a couple!

I’m still at the beginning, (I haven’t even killed my first dragon) But I had so much fun killing a mammoth. It took like half an hour of shooting it with arrows and fire from a small mountain!

This is so funny. I would actually usually be ashamed to admit that my entire household is either playing skyrim or any number of other games. I don’t play them but I do pay for them. Thanks for posting this. I know longer feel guilty about my families gaming. If they are talkimg about it on caf, it’s ok.
Jen :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to playing Skyrim, and have been playing since Morrowind. Bethesda always seem to make some of the best games, Fallout 3 etc. What I wanted to ask is if anyone can recall Oblivion, the last game where you had churches where you went in and could receive blessings from Gods etc. And also as someone else has mentioned - Raising the Dead. As Catholic’s, should we be really playing these type of games?

That’s over scruplous I would say as the game takes place in a fictional world and also the gods of the Elder Scrolls universe have been shown on numerous occassions to be rather more limited power and wisdom wise than they would like to let their human worshippers know. Many of them are ‘deiffied’ mortals or beings from other planes who appear divine and trade on that for good or ill ends. Some of them are genuinely merciful and beneficent, but the majority are amoral and quite a large percentage are unpleasant beings who people worship out of fear.

I’m going to be buying the game today I think. I was going to buy it for PC originally but the reviews for that version have put me off as people have been grumbling about it been poorly converted and also the whole must have a steam account active at all times to play it rubs me the wrong way as well. I have a steam account but I consider having it a mistake as I found the old games I got it to play on other sources where you could pay a one off small fee of a few pounds and download old games and keep them and play them whenever and wherever you want. I’m stuck now choosing between the Xbox 360 and PS3 version as I have both due to people defaulting on loans and giving me their systems in lieu of cash eventually. It will have to be the Xbox version I think as no doubt to install the game will need a fair bit of hard drive space and the PS3 model I have is one of the early ones and only has a 40GB hard drive and Fallout New Vegas is filling up a good chunk of that and one or two other games as well.

My husband is really excited about skyrim, but because we are broke, he is going to wait several months so they can fix all the bugs in the pc version. Since they don’t really do expansions and stuff for the console versions, he prefers the pc version.

They did expansions for the console versions for Oblivion, you could buy them as physical discs or use digital downloads to get them. I still haven’t finished ‘The Shivering Isles’ one properly after all this time as I spent time finishing the Fallout games which are also fairly huge.

ok Thanks… I see you also have Fallout New Vegas, I had it on Xbox 360 and was very glitchy but a great game nonetheless. Do you know if the Game of the year edition has the bugs fixed?

Not sure about that as I still have the original but there have been several patch updates on the PS3 version which is the one I have. Yes it was incredibly glitchy as released, falling through floors, stuck in corners, broken quests etc. That seems to have been mostly resolved but I made a habit of saving very frequently. Some of the glitches are due to the overall ambition of the project I’m sure and unintentional although Obsidian had the same problems with the second Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic game they also worked on. Although that wasn’t entirely their fault by any means in that case as they were pressured to release a game that was incomplete, especially in the end game sequence.

Looks like a great game! I would buy it, but I only have Macs (and I don’t have a PS3 or Xbox)…so it looks like I am out of luck for the time being. =/

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