GAMING: Star Wars: the Old Republic MMO Announced!

I am so IN:

Bioware’s creativity and integrity as game makers + EA’s backing = something spectacular!

Don’t know when it will be released but this promises to be quite something. :smiley:

I was crushed by this news. I’ve been waiting for a true sequel to the KOTOR series since I finished KOTOR2. While rumors have swirled that a MMO would be forthcoming in the series, I never thought they would betray their core fan base in this manner. The best thing about the KOTOR series is the story and there’s no way they can have a deep, character driven story in an MMO. Plus, I won’t pay a monthly fee to play games and I don’t like multiplayer games in general so needless to say, I’m upset.

although…they did say that Story was one of the main pillars and that it would be a deep, individualized story dependent on a player’s actions and their character’s identity. I see that as quite close to what a KOTOR 3 would have been.

I understand your disappointment – everyone has their own very specific expectations for something like this. Even with it being an MMO I have several specifics I hope that they do in it. But at the end of the day, I am not the one making this game so I dont have any control over it. I’ll try to be happy with whatever they make as long as it is pretty good and I think they can make something pretty good. I am just happy there will be a new Star WArs based MMO to replace Star Wars Galaxies (which I played when it first came out until they destroyed it by changing it.)

I actually felt that overal KOTOR 2 had a deeper and darker story than the first game but that it was one of the great might have beens of gaming history and that the butchering of via pressure to get it released in time to shift units destroyed it. I’m a bit annoyed to see this is set three hundred years after the era of Revan - saying Revan never returned irks me, I suppose it’s quite possible the game will reveal his fate eventually and Bioware may not want to let that slip. I’d love to see someone do a Kotor 3 as a single player RPG and I don’t see why both could not be contemplated as I’m sure many people would buy that title as well. Certainly most of the recent Star Wars games have been weak, The Force Unleashed was all hype and no real substance for example and at least Bioware have a rep for games with polish and depth. So lets see how it works out before I criticise it.

Well, you never know. If you recall, KOTOR 2 was not done by Bioware but by Obsidian – who knows, maybe Lucasarts requested Bioware’s MMO take place 300 years later so that they could get someone else (like Obsidian) to still do a KOTOR 3 to finish the story.

We’ll just have to see. I love MMOs and I love the Star Wars universe so I am super happy!

I’m not a big MMO person myself but if this works out I may play it - I found Star Wars Galaxies had too many issues to satisfy me and I will admit I like single player RPGs better (still working my way through Oblivion here after six months).

I thought Obsidian had an interesting dark take on the whole Jedi/Sith thing in KOTOR 2 but that the last 15-20 per cent of the game was mangled beyond belief sadly as so much stuff was cut/edited/truncuated that the ending made very little sense and was not well done at all. Not Obsidian’s fault really as the content was there but they were just pushed to realise the game as it was.

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