Gaming: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Bioware (an awesome company) is making a Star Wars MMO. It looks like a really fun game.

The thought crossed my mind of making a Catholic guild for it. Is anyone interested?

Needs more Ulduar…

Psh. WoW is extremely boring and I have finally broken away after realizing how boring it is…

So this ought to be revived, as The Old Republic can be FINALLY preordered!

Shouldn’t be playing MMORPG, because I have tn of things to do (and I am female), but I can’t wait to get my mousefinger on a little Sith Lady. :smiley:

WAS awesome, past tense. Presently they seem more like making shooters with rpg elements and gay romance options.

I might try this, ive never been a big mmorpg fan (I usually get to level 25, get bored and decide to play a single player rpg instead). personally i think ill be one of the people playing a none jedi/sith character and instead go bounty hunter.

I have been recieving e-mails for this game and I would love to join a Catholic guild. But… I find that with these types of games and my personality that I become addicted. For leisure time I enjoy watching the White Sox baseball, going for walks or riding a bike but I find that my schedule at home right now is very limited for leisure time and I want to find more of it but sometimes with the RPG’s I feel that I can get burned out at times. So I am not sure that I should pursue this game? Any thoughts?

Honestly? NO.
If you feel there is a chance of becoming addicted, neglecting other important or (worse) necessary things, you shouldn’t be playing.

I’m not sure it’s 100% addicted,although yes that has happened before, but after I play games like that I sometimes feel burned out.

Hopefully, hopefully the the story lines set up in the first two Knights of the Old Republic games may get some closure. Although I’m not been overly optimistic about that…

I personally can’t wait for this to come out. I’ve been waiting for years.

As for guilds, I found a Christian one.

They seem pretty cool. And very friendly. I exchanged a couple PMs with a member of this guild (Saints of the Old Republic is the guild name) and he said that it is more like a family than anything else. I’m not a member, but I would join this guild sooner than any others that I have found.

I would prefer a single player KOTOR 3… rather than this MMO effort.

Doesn’t seem like a true sequel or prequel to me. I hope KOTOR 3 comes out soon.

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