Gaming - Terms and agreements

Ok i am under 18 and some one over 18 says that i can play it but this is what it says.
This agreement can be accepted only by an adult 18 years or older. By clicking the ACCEPT button, you affrim that you are over 18 years old and you are accepting this Agreement on your own behalf or on behalf of your minor child (under 18)
Do i ask someone over 18 to click this button everytime i want to get online to play online. Wouldnt it be lieing if i clicked yes. Altho my parents have told me its ok for me to play but dont want to come up and click accept everytime i agree to the terms.

Game is rated T for Teen also so i wouldnt think that this wouldn’t have happend.

This may be because a minor cannot legally be held to the terms of a contract. (Although on the site I help run, which is gaming in play-by-post format, we don’t have that, but we do have games that are restricted to 18+ and will revoke memberships of anyone who violates the ToU, so we don’t view ours as a legal contract but more strictly ‘if you play here, these are the rules; break the rules, we have our reprisals up to, and including, revoking membership’. We’re also a free site, and I don’t know if what you’re talking about is a pay site–that may make a difference.)

I’m not sure what site you’re working with, but I’d say that if it says a parent/guardian/over18 needs to click the acceptance, that’s what should be happening (and yes, it might be a pain for parents to come up to do that, but then that’s part of the whole parenting gig–but you’re hearing that from a 42yo with my oldest being a 14yo …).

Well its a game for the PS3

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