GAMING: The First Templar

I just saw this on YouTube, is a video game for PC and Xbox coming out in early 2011, let me know what you think?

Looks awesome!

Voice acting sounds kinds choppy though, I don’t think english and french knights said Pater Noster in Latin with an american accent…

You thinking of buying? It’s being released next month

My first thought is, who in the world says “hallowed” that way, he pernounced it like “Haloed” (Must have really like Halo)

Ill see when it comes closer to time, games like this usually have a way of becoming anti-Catholic.

Hahahaha, yes I agree completely. They seem to always have amateurs voice acting !


Just looked at the game site and watched the trailers. This seems awefully anti-Catholic. Anyone playing it?

I’m tired of all the anti-Catholic media stuff out there and don’t want to get roped into another one.

If it makes you feel better the game flopped. I played the demo and it was quite a horrible game.

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