Gaming:World of Darkness MMO

Because i read about it,only thing is i’m peaved i can’t play a werewolf.


Hmm, I don’t see where they mention that you can’t play as a werewolf. They wouldn’t call it World of Darkness if it didn’t incorporate all of the World of Darkness material. I imagine if something like playing as a werewolf isn’t available out of the box, it will be at some point as an expansion. I can see why they wouldn’t allow this initially (because they intend to introduce it later on as part of a series of expansions to give the game a longer life), but it may turn out that they will include such material initially and introduce some other elements to prolong the game’s lifespan.

I hope so,only thing is it seems hard to contact the Camarilla fanclub,because i lost my membership number and now can’t renew my membership on the site.

Well, I just watched the teaser, and I am curious to see how it turns out, but seeing as its likely going to have a monthly fee I won’t be playing it.

Oh well, I still have Bloodlines for my VtM fix…

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